Can this even be a sin?

Can a wet dream(s) be even sinful or at least venial? The reason for this is that 1. You never can have deliberate consent, FULL knowledge of it occurring and in certain circumstances, said person may not want to wilfully have one. 2. It mainly occurs in Teenagers and its considered to be a normal part of life as its when the body has too much (You know) and needs it to be released as sleeping is relaxing. The only problem is the fantasing BUT you cannot control your dreams so I believe that it can’t be a sin. Thoughts???

Nope, not a sin. You have no control over your actions or thoughts when you are asleep.

The standardized answer you will receive is that nothing you do when asleep can be even a venial sin. As someone who has experienced various degrees of lucidity and control in dreaming I find this view practically impossible to accept, but certainly even in lucid dreams I doubt our self-control is ever sufficient to allow a person to commit a mortal sin.

No, it is not a sin.

Thank you for the input. I just wanted to know :slight_smile:

You did not sin. Nobody has control over their dreams, despite some claiming to but they do not.

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