Can totally contained cremains be buried at Sea?

My daughter is a Lt Commander in the US navy. I have my husbands cremains in a marble statue of the Pieta and would like them buried at sea, not scattered. Can I do this according to the Catholic Church? I would also like this done for me in the future.

From the Archdiocese of Washington:

The Church allows for burial at sea, providing that the cremated remains of the body are buried in a heavy container and not scattered.

And from the USCCB:

The cremated remains of the body may be properly buried at sea in the urn, coffin or other container in which they have been carried to the place of committal. When a body, or the cremated remains of a body are buried at sea, the Committal prayer found at number 406 ยง 4 is used:

Lord God,
by the power of your Word
you stilled the chaos of the primeval seas,
you made the raging waters of the Flood subside,
and calmed the storm on the sea of Galilee.
As we commit the body (earthly remains)
of our brother (sister) N. to the deep,
grant him/her peace and tranquility
until that day when he/she
and all who believe in you
will be raised to the glory of new life
promised in the waters of baptism.

We ask this through Christ our Lord.
R. Amen. 

So, yes, your husband and you can both be cremated and buried at sea.

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