Can transubstantiation stand up to some logic?


I have asked this question of apologists several times. I receive no reply, or dodges and quick redirection to other topics.
I am a Catholic, but am always in search of the truth. Here goes…

Can transubstantiation standup to some logic?
Why do I ask? Because I have had 2 challenges put to me.
One from a Methodist minister and one when reading of Charles H. Spurgeon (19th century Reformed Baptist Minister).

  1. “A consecrated host was taken in for DNA samples prior to consecration and after. No DNA change was evident.” This came from the Methodist minister. I have not been able to prove whether this test has been done, or can be verified, but is probably only a matter of time if not.
    Regardless, will transubstantiation standup to a DNA test?

  2. Spurgeon, in a challenge to a priest in the 19th century said (paraphrased) “After you have consecrated that wine, let my boy drink an entire chalice of it, and we’ll see if he ends up drunk or not.” Supposedly the priest did not take the challenge. My question:
    Will transubstantiation standup to this test?

I have read much on matter and substance, and believe the chart on pg. 81 in Dave Armstrong’s “A Biblical Defense of Catholicism” is a good theory, but does it hold up to physical proof or evidence?



Hi Hibernian,

The purpose of theology is not to supplant faith, but to show that it is not unreasonable to have faith. There is no way that we can prove that the Eucharist is truly the Body and Blood of Christ. There never was. His disciples had to choose to believe Him. Many did not and left Him.

Every aspect of the appearance (the accidents) of the Eucharist remains the same. What changes is the substance which is not measurable and not available to testing. So people can take every imaginable test they want and they will learn absolutely nothing. While every attempt at testing the Eucharist will not prove the reality of the Real Presence, it will not disprove it either. They are simply wasting their time. The fact that they think they are proving something just shows how they haven’t a clue as to what transubstantiation is really all about!

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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