Can unwed parents baptize their kids?

Hello. My Son, who lives in another state than me, is Catholic and has two small children (1.5 yr old and 2 month old) with his Catholic girlfriend. They do not practice their Catholic faith. I pray for them to see the need for, and the importance of marriage, but I do not want to be too forcefull. Please understand. Recenlty, my son told me that, now that they are planning to move close to me, they want me to help them get their children baptized. This is big! The simple fact that their cold feelings toward the Church are thawing is evidence my prayers are working. (God is so patient!) However, can they have their children baptized if they are not married and are living together? I really want to believe this new-found willingness to baptize my beautiful grandchildren is evidence that our Lord is positioning these two intelligent and loving people to re-embrace His Holy Church. Thank you.

Peace of Christ,


The following link should answer your question. If you have any further questions, please contact Catholic Answers directly.

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