Can we annoy saints?

Do you think it’s possibly that a saint could look down at someone asking for intersession and say…

“Oh, no. Here comes Conner again. Lord, help me.”

Or are they in a state of perfection where they would never even think about doing that?

Not likely. For those who can manage to save their souls, heaven is eternal beatitude where there can never be any unhappiness or discontent.


Those in Heaven are never annoyed.


No, you can’t annoy Saints. They are not even annoyed about their martyrdom. This reminds me a story that happened to St. Paisios in the 1980s or 90s, when a (deceased) Saint visited him:

Father Paisios was going through a very difficult phase. A problem was created in the Church at that time and many bishops had gone to him to ask for his help. So, he decided to turn his efforts to solve the problem into prayer. During that time, Father Paisios constantly prayed for God to give solution to the Church’s problem; especially, he prayed to St. Ephemia.

One morning, at nine o’ clock, when Father Paisios was reading the service of the third hour, he suddenly heard someone discreetly knocking on his door. The Elder asked from inside: Who is it?

Then, he heard a woman’s voice answering: “It is me, Ephemia, Father.”

-Which Ephemia? He asked again.

There was no answer. There was another knock on the door and he asked again: Who is it?

The same voice was heard saying: It is Ephemia, Father.

There was a third knock and the Elder felt someone coming inside his cell and walking through the corridor. He went to the door and there he saw St. Ephemia, who had miraculously entered his cell through the locked door and was venerating the icon of the Holy Trinity, which the Elder had placed on the wall

Then the Elder told the saint: “Say: Glory to the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.”

St. Ephemia clearly repeated those words and immediately Father Paisios knelt and venerated the saint.

Afterwards, they sat and talked for quite a while; he could not specify for how long, as he had lost all sense of time while being with St. Ephemia. She gave the solution for all three matters he had been praying for and in the end he said to her: “I would like you to tell me how you endured your martyrdom.”

The saint replied:
“Father, if I knew back then how eternal life would be and the heavenly beauty the souls enjoy by being next to God, I honestly would have asked for my martyrdom to last indefinitely, as it was absolutely nothing compared to the gifts of grace of God!”


I’m from the school of thought that saints and angels have senses of humor. My guardian angel probably lights up a cigarette every morning, takes a shot of Jack Daniels and says “Aww man, I have to deal with this guy again? I drew the short straw!”


I think of them as keeping their personalities but of course without sin. I think, for example, that Teresa of Avila is delightfully chatty, witty, and prone to go off on tangents, and Padre Pio is his usual gruff, curmudgeonly but kindly self.


I’d love to have a guardian angel just like Harry Morgan in “Charley and the Angel”. 1930s suit and all.



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If it were possible for a saint to become annoyed or unhappy, which it isn’t, it would be from an absence of prayer. They want to hear it. All of it.



I do not think saints can get annoyed in the human sense. In Heaven they have exalted knowledge and also they are perfectly aligned with God’s will. So they can approach situations in a much better way than us.


I think annoyance is a kind of self-centeredness and therefore non-love. “I have better things to do. I am too good for this. I don’t get enough respect. I, I, I.” Saints are surely beyond that, and perfectly happy to listen and help.


The ones still on Earth maybe, the ones in the Church Triumphant never.


Those in heaven would never look on anyone with contempt. Any such imperfections are removed in purgatory, which is the purpose of purgatory.
They might seen that the prayer shouldn’t be granted though, for one reason or another. But they wouldn’t respond as those in this life might respond.

I’ve always thought that picture of an angel face-palming must be my guardian angel. :rofl:


Wasn’t there a movie one time with scenes of the protagonist committing sin while his guardian angel watched disapprovingly and someone else in the group with the angel and demon filmed the sin? I am trying to remember which movie but I could swear I saw that. That would be my guardian angel shaking his head and making disapproving but jaded remarks.


I love responses like this. Sometimes we need to remember not to take ourselves too seriously.


But I’ve done my darndest to try :open_mouth:


I think that annoyance, strongly linked to impatience, is strictly a human foible and will be just one of the many things from this physical life which will be joyfully cast off once we pass on. So no, the heavenly realm is not rife with annoyance. :slight_smile:

I’m sure my guardian angel has rolled his eyes over me numerous times, as has, probably, God Himself. But I think that both have a sense of humor, and can be quite amused at some of our foolishness.

My first thought on this title is that I can annoy anyone! :joy::joy::joy:

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