Can We ask a Priest for a Blessing?


Hello Everyone,

Some time ago, I read a post on this forum, where someone mentioned that a priest can be “asked” for a blessing.

I just wanted some clarification on this, and I’m asking here as I do not know where else to look.

So can we just walk up to a priest in a church, or in his office or wherever and ask him for a blessing? Is there some kind of criteria that must be met before asking for such a blessing? OR is this entire concept just an error that I read on a random post?

Please advise,
Thank You!


Pax Christi!

Yes, you can ask a priest for a blessing. It can be on yourself or some object (medallion, rosary, Bible, etc.) and as long as your request is sincere, it will probably be granted.

Deacons, I believe, can also bless. I know they can make holy water.

God bless.



Yes anytime.

(well 3am normally may not be a good time…)


If Father has a moment, just walk up and ask. Whether the blessing is given right then and there or you arrange to have it done at a later time, however, depends upon what or who you want to have blessed and why.

For example, a few months ago I asked for and was given on the spot a blessing upon myself by a priest just after the Mass during which he was ordained :thumbsup: OTOH, the blessing of my rosary arsenal by my current parish priest took several minutes; we agreed on a place and time in advance. Ditto for the blessing he gave The Husband and me on our last wedding anniversary.


If you have an insomniac priest, YMMV. :wink:


You can ask but that does not mean he’ll do it ! Tried it once, never asked him again.


In the Byzantine Rite Churches, it is traditional to ask the priest or bishop for a blessing when approaching him for the first time each day. As a side note, Byzantine Rite deacons do not have any faculties to bless people or objects so don’t approach them for a blessing. :slight_smile:


Gosh, sorry to hear that happened to you. :frowning: I hope that this bad experience won’t deter you from asking another priest in the future.

I’ve been told “not now,” but never out-and-out “no.”


of course ask him to bless anything (well nothing profane)


When he said no, I placed it in front of the Tabernacle during private adoration and asked Jesus to bless it. I have worn it with great comfort even during surgery, I will not remove it.


Thank you for the replies everyone! I learned something new today.


That is beautiful :slight_smile:

If you would ever like another blessing, however, for a different article or for yourself, I pray you would not let that past incident stop you from asking for it…from a different priest, if necessary. Again, I have never been refused, only deferred. And even that was rare. From what I have experienced, priests are more than happy to bless people and most objects (as long as they are not profane or otherwise ignoble). To refuse a blessing seems odd to me.


Evidently our priest won’t bless objects. I base this on observation. I have never asked him to bless a rosary. I have several rosaries, all unblessed.


Pax Christi!

Hello, again. Several years ago, I asked our priest to bless a statue of St. Francis for my garden. It was during the worst drought in recorded history, and St. Francis is the patron Saint of the environment. The priest blessed the statue, I put it in the garden, and next day it rained.

True story.

God bless.


We like to have priests over for dinner and to bless the house (We used to move often).

I can’t imagine why a priest would say ‘no’ other than the importance of blessings has been forgotten.

It only takes a moment.


My guess is our priest doesn’t see any value in blessing objects. So I assume to him it is a great bother. I am not sure of the proper etiquette of asking a priest to bless an object.


Blessings of Sacramentals are of great importance (see the Catechism etc…and just ask an exorcist!)

And indeed for those where an indulgence is attached to their use (medal, cross, crucifix…)–they need to be blessed to gain the indulgence.


Theirs a real beautiful movie in Spanish, were the Indian goes to church, and he asks the priest for a blessing, there had been a problem with the Indian and a rich family of the town. The priest was put in the middle, so when the guy went to the church for his daily prayer, give flowers to the Virgin Mary, and get his blessing from the Priest, that day the Priest didn’t want to give him a blessing, the Indian in a nice way said, Father, you cannot deny me a blessing. The priest blessed him and off he went.


I have the odd time gone up to a priest if I see him after Mass etc, and ask for his blessing and even to bless a new pair of Rosary beads, I personally find the Order priests more agreeable and have never been told no, and at this stage I must have approached different priests and one Abbott at least 20 times in the past three years and have always got a smile from them. Happy serving the Lord. God Bless them all.:signofcross:


I asked my favorite Priest to pray for my daughter-he said he would think about it. My DD has had countless blessings since then! I think he must have put some overtime in!



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