Can We Attend Masses on Saturday Evening and the Next Sunday?


Yesterday I attended evening mass, and we celebrated Palm Sunday Mass. I was surprised, It was my first Saturday Mass pre-Palm Sunday! So Can I attend Today’s morning Mass? Or will that break a law? If anyone is familiar with Canon Law please let me know.

And while we are at it, can We attend Saturday Vigil, then Easter Sunday Masses? Or if we attend just Saturday Vigil, are we still obliged to attend Sunday Mass?

Thank you.


Yes…it is perfectly fine to attend both the anticipated mass on Saturday and then on Sunday. Also, it is fine to attend the Easter Vigil and then mass on Sunday. I am not a canon lawyer but I am confident you can do this.


Of course… you can go to as many Masses as you want!? In fact I’ve been going to the anticipatory Saturday Mass in the Ordinary Form and the Sunday Mass in the Extraordinary Form for the last several weeks now. I’ve heard something of only being able to receive communion twice in one day but am not 100% sure on that point.


Yes, as others have said, you may attend Mass as many times as you want.

There are rules about how many times you may receive communion in a day but two Masses will be fine. As far as the Easter Vigil and Easter are concerned, you may go to both or simply one or the other. Both “count for” Easter.


Yes, Canon Law does state that you can receive communion only twice a day, on the condition that you attend a full mass for both. That’s what I found online. But I was wondering about Saturday evening mass and sunday morning cuz the Saturday evening Mass (especially the one on Vigil Saturday, or on a feast that occur on the next Sunday) are practically the same Mass. But you can’t receive it more than twice. Or without the full Celebratory Mass, unless someone is dying.

Anyhow, Thank you both for answering me. I will attend Mass today. It’s a Sunday anyway. And I really want to, even if I wasn’t obliged anymore since I went yesterday. After all doesn’t the church advice us to attend Mass everyday? Not as an obligation, but out of love of Jesus.

Peace be with you. Have a Blessed Palm Sunday. :slight_smile:


Thank you. I was wondering about that. God bless. :slight_smile:


SSuS33, you may receive Holy Communion at the Saturday evening Mass, and again on Sunday morning. On regular Sundays even though they are the same liturgy, ( the Easter Vigil, is not the same liturgy, of course), they are on two different days so you are ok.


Not quite. Yes you may receive twice in one day. The requirement to attend Mass applies only to the second reception of Communion. Let me give you an example:

You’re visiting a relative in the hospital and the Chaplain arrives with Communion.
He offers you Communion too and, being properly disposed, you receive.
A few hours later you attend Mass. May you receive?
Yes, Canon Law says you may receive in this case.

Now, let’s switch the order.

You attend Mass and receive Communion early in the day.
Later, during a hospital visit, the Chaplain arrives with Communion.
He offers you Communion too. May you receive?
In this case, NO, you MAY NOT receive again.


I see!!! Thats very good info. Thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:

God Bless you. :slight_smile:


Be careful of what you find on line. You can receive twice in a day. The rule is that the second reception must be at a Mass, not both (although normally, both are at Masses).

Elsewhere there was mention of First Saturday Mass. It is my understanding that the vigil Mass is not considered a Saturday Mass, thus it would not comply with any First Saturday issues. It is the vigil Mass of Sunday; the question in reverse is the one brought up often about a Saturday afternoon wedding Mass - that is not the vigil Mass, and does not satisfy the obligation.


I have no light to shed on the First Saturday question and it would be pedantic of me to bring up the question, discussed at length on other threads, as to whether “vigil Mass of Sunday” is the most accurate term for what technically is the “Sunday Mass celebrated on Saturday evening.”

However if you are saying that a “Saturday afternoon wedding Mass” does not satisfy the obligation** because it is not the Mass of Sunday**, then I take issue with that. Again, it has been repeated many times here that any Mass celebrated in a Catholic rite does satisfy the obligation provided it is in the evening (generally although not universally accepted as at or after 4:00 pm.)

If I misread you and you are saying that a “Saturday afternoon wedding Mass” does not fulfill the obligation because it is earlier than the required time, then of course I agree with you completely.


That is why I used “Saturday afternoon”… :shrug:

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