Can we chew the Eucharist?


I’m about to receive my first Communion in a few days on Easter Vigil, so this is of immediate concern.

I heard a strange story about a child who said the nun had taught (if I understood correctly) that it’s unacceptable to touch the Eucharist with anything but your tongue, and that it can’t even touch your teeth. It seems like one might have to chew, though. Are we able to do this, or is it irreverent? Has it ever been the practice that Catholics couldn’t chew upon being given Communion? I just don’t know how that would work - it’s unleavened bread after all. Thanks for your help!



Yes, you may chew the Eucharist. Our Lord left it as food, after all.
There were those in the past who suggested otherwise, but they were misinformed.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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