Can we discuss Judaism without the politics?


Can we discuss Talmud? Can we discuss psak on halacha/hashkafa? Can we discuss Zohar? Mishnah Torah? Pesach? Anything Jewish without everyone regulating to hate and biased views?


@ACrosSticks, are you still here?


Amen and amen! However, the amazing variety, and long history of Judaism is quite a concept for us mere mortals to grasp!


Hi, Rabbi. The reason we have the non-Catholic Religions forum is for people like yourself who want to discuss issues. There is usually no problem unless the person comes on here proselytizing or insulting Catholicism. (I know you wouldn’t do this.) But usually, things stay nice usually. If someone gives you a hard time, flag their post for the moderators to review. For esoteric topics, I say post away. Passover is no problem to discuss, although you will hear the Christian spin on the holiday. Anyhoo, I hope you get some good responses. Have a joyful Simchat Torah.


Shalom, again,
Adonai, God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob guide Your Rabbi to the spot to draw in ppl to discuss the beauty of His religion, Your first covenant w Your ppl. Bring the young Jews today, back in their culture. They, too, are getting secular, refusing Circumcision! Can they do that?


You should know better than that.
Did you research this at all?

“Blood Libel Denied: Suppression of the Cult of Simon of Trent
In 1965, following the Second Vatican Council, the Catholic Church began to reinvestigate the story of “little Simon” and opened the trial records anew. Finally declaring the episode a fraud, the cult of Simon was suppressed by Pope Paul VI and the shrine erected to Simon was dismantled. His feast day was removed from the calendar, and his future veneration was officially forbidden, Catholics who oppose the Vatican II reforms continue to venerate Simon and celebrate his feast day, March 24.”

One of the great things about Vat 11 was an end to the Anti Semitic issues.


I’d love to know more about all those things you mention. I don’t think the vast majority of Catholics have hate or bias towards Jewish people. We have at least one very good Jewish poster who is often educating us on here too.

Unfortunately, this being the Internet, we occasionally get a person or two with anti-Semitic bias. When I see somebody denying the Holocaust or expressing other anti-Semitic views, I simply hit the flag button at the bottom of the post and the mods will generally make the posts go away.


The Blood Libel is simply what happens when you have two dissimilar yet similar (In some respects at least) faiths in close proximity and where a history of mutual antipathy exists. For Catholicism we have nonsense like the ‘Awful Disclosuers of Maria Monks’ which fills a similar spot. People like to create horror stories about those not like them.


Anyone doing Holocaust denial here will find me also flagging such posts. I know from family members on my wife’s side and friends of her family just how much pain that whole era cost them. The problem is unfortunately any thread on Judaism if it runs long enough will attract such posts in some form or another. Often they will be couched in roundabout language or inserted in such a way as to suggest, ‘I’m not really saying this but what if it were true?’


If it’s not asking much, could you please try and invite the Jewish pastor over here?


No, such nonesense stories of Jews drinking the blood of anything is simply untrue. FaithfulJews wouldn’t drink blood, as the Torah forbids it. In my education, no such Jews ever existed. Such stories merely exist to promote more hatred towards us. Don’t believe them. Shalom (peace)


By “no such Jews ever existed,” is was saying those who are faithful and yet drink blood. Don’t get the wrong impression.


Thanks to everyone for the kind words, I’m glad love prevails over hatred.


Oh @meltzerboy where art thou?

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Sure. Paging @meltzerboy


@Zealot, are you asking to be flagged? This forum is not about whether or not the Shoah happened, because it did. I hope you were just wondering and not making any statements.


Also, I haven’t met any Jews who hate Christians. Its just not in our DNA. I’m not saying this is so with Christians either, many love the Jewish people, and for that, they are blessed.


Yes, if you deny the Shoah you WILL be flagged. This is not some faith, people died. LOTS OF PEOPLE. It’s very emotional. Understand that. People can express disbelief in religion, we’ll deal with that accordingly. But those who say “Only a few Jews were killed,” are actually not revisionist. They’re full out deniers. These people are really anti-Semites in disguise because they portray Jews as collectively lying about what happened, no matter that be about the gas chambers or number of people killed. I knew right away to beware someone with the avatar name “Zealot.”


You’re dead wrong here. The Shoah is not some barrier of protection for Jews. You’ll never understand because its not your people who suffered - and by that, I don’t mean Gentiles in general, they too were murdered by that filthy scum called Nazism. My heart breaks for them as any Jew. But you, personally, haven’t suffered. This is why you call the Shoah a fable. You better get off this forum real quick before things get worse.


There is a difference. The holocaust is not a matter of faith and belief, it is a matter where the denial of it cannot reasonably be justified on the basis of factual evidence. So if it isn’t on the basis of evidence that it can be denied, what then would motivate a person to deny it?

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