Can we discuss Judaism without the politics?


Shabbat is a time to put down the baggage; the issues and tensions of the week. Many people say: “I don’t want to talk about business or money on Shabbat.”

III. In Yoma, 85 b , it is written: “R. Jonathan b. Joseph said, ‘The Sabbath is holy unto you,’” implying that the Sabbath is handed over to you and not you to the Sabbath. 1

Note: It is forbidden to “carry” anyone’s burden on the Shabbat

256:1 Rashi justifies Psalms xc. 12, which he interprets: “A prophet has a heart endowed with wisdom”; although Isaac Leeser translates the verse, “That we may obtain a heart endowed with wisdom,” the Hebrew word Navi meaning both “prophet” and also “we may obtain.”

Meaning: We all have the capcity (with wisdom guiding us) to raise to a new level in our faith.


My understanding from joining other Jewish forums is that many study the New Testament- at least, the beginnings of scripture (not the latter part) they considered to be authentic. Most consider the book of John and Mark so when quoting scripture we refer to either. I was amazed! Again, it all depends on the group that your discussing scripture with. The discussions are mostly about who the last prophet was.
That’s why I mention the prophecy of the deliver who was to be sent to Israelites - during the Exodus. In Exodus,as with the New Testament, Pharaoh degreed to have all the first born males killed. If we were to compare the passages with the New Testament with the announcement of Christ’s birth, it isn’t different. If the Magi could figure the date of the savior then surely Pharoah’s court also did…however, according to the covenant of pieces or parts no savior is mentioned, either.


Kabbalah is 2nd nature to this group. However, in their education, it is not emphasized as much.The center of learning (schools) were located in Poland, Germany and Israel.
Out of these schools - it was Germany ( or the German Jews) that had the higher learning in Jewish mysticism and then Poland.
But after WWII, the only school that was left was in Israel and from what I know they had closed the door. Mysticism should be taught within the confides of their own group.

" The historical development of Jewish mysticism under study covers the range of phases, forms and expressions, from early Rabbinic Merkabah mysticism, through Medieval Hasidei Ashkenaz and Classical Kabbalah, early-modern Safed Kabbalah and Sabbateanism, to modern Hasidism and 20th century expressions. It is often seen as a parallel field to academic research into rationalist Jewish philosophy, though some scholars contribute in both areas. In Israel both subjects, together with Ethical literature, share the unbrella department of Jewish thought.

Maimonides even said in his book - that not everything regarding certain subjects was written but kept secret - like the saying goes, Deuteronomy 29:29 New King James Version (NKJV)

29 “The secret things belong to the Lord our God, but those things which are revealed belong to us and to our children forever, that we may do all the words of this law.


Nice for people to have a hobby.


Which forums would those be?


WOW! That was a terrible book. I just googled it. That’s why I heard, from a Protestant acquaintance, that every time there is a convent, there is a rectory & an orphanage. Sigh!
God forgive our sins. Send grace to open our eyes to truth. In Jesus name.


One would think, the year of fallow was to let nitrogen return to the fields. Now, w fertilizer and rotation of crops, a fallow year is not nesessary. In OT, where it states to discard things w mildew, it could make ppl sick and rot the item mildewed. Now, we have Clorox!!! Do not eat animals w cloven feet b/c we could get sick w trichamonus. Pigs were fed raw garbage. Now, they are fed cooked garbage. No more trichomonas. But, pork is still a NONO?!
‘Tis all good.
Today, vegans explain how we were meant to eat plant generated food & nuts. That primitive man couldn’t catch animals that well and did not eat meat. But, God gave us everything to enjoy.
OH WELL… I am fond of a good steak!
Seventh Day adventists are Biblically fed ppl.
I’m on a sea food diet. I eat all the food, I see.


I like your hell better than mine.


I would recommend that you check more information on these institutions ( Yeshiva) during WWII.
They were the largest in Europe and highly rated across the board but again, in Germany, came the best educators.

Also, on word terminology and becoming familar, see this Catholic article:

The Israel Institute of Biblical Studies



Erm, I’m Jewish, I was being sarcastic.


About those forums, by the way?


The founder and head of Christianity was and is Jewish, as were almost all of the original evangelists.

I am interested, have you read any of Brant Pitre’s books on the Jewish roots of Catholicism?


I haven’t read it yet.


The Last Supper was Pesach (Passover)


Yes and the blood libel is equally stupid with regard to the Jews. It has been condemned many times as nonsense by the Church.


I _think_I own a copy of ol’ Maria.


I’ve actually read it some years ago. I have a weakness for reading this sort of historical propaganda. It’s amazing how many places quotes from it still pop up or bits of text rearranged are ‘borrowed’ from it by individuals looking to show just how awful Catholics are.


Wait so you’re saying that book by Brant Pitre’s anti-Semitic? I didn’t really look into it yet.


I pretty sure he was referring to the Maria Monk book.

It’s sort of an analog of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, aimed at the RCC.


I’m actually amazed such blood libel could ever have started among Christians, considering how Christians were once the victims of blood libel at the hands of the Romans, who accused our ancestors of slaughtering babies and devouring them.

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