Can we discuss Judaism without the politics?


Besides which, only half of the Holocaust victims were Jews. Poland lost six million people, about an equal mix of Jews and Slavs. Then, of course, there were the Gypsies, disabled people, and enemies of the regime. Furthermore, it was Israelite blood, rather than the Jewish religion, which was persecuted. Thus, Israelite Catholics and secular Jews were persecuted as fiercely as religious Jews.


No, he was referring to some other work, in response to a different post.

Brant Pitre’s works are very respectful of Judaism and its traditions. He focuses on the continuity between those traditions and religious beliefs, and Catholicism.


If the Rabbi here on line is familiar with scripture (as in the New Tesament) how much more would you think that the Consevative and Hasidic movement is? There are very good forum for studying and asking questions (along with this forum) on the Torah.

General Jewish Forum:

Google use to have some good discussion groups but have long disappeared. And, then you have and Jlaw. Another, is “Got Torah” for personal discussions. Do you need more info…

I like for the Christian website, “Got”. Just put in a question and hit search underneath that website.


You might have been sarcastic but I wasn’t when I asked for you to read up on the Yeshiva in both Germany and Poland during WWII. When the Rabbi (here on line) made the remark on the destruction - he’s not leaving any room for doubt.


Lublin was sometimes called the Jewish Oxford and the Polish Jerusalem because of its tradition of learning going back centuries.

The synagogue is housed within the yeshiva, an elegant six-story yellow building opened in 1930 by a renowned rabbi of the time, Meir Shapiro.

It operated until the 1939 invasion of Nazi Germany at the start of World War II as place where young Orthodox men pursued intensive studies of the Talmud, the collection of writings making up Jewish law.

When the Nazis took over Lublin, they stripped the interior and burned the vast library in the town square. After the war, it was used by a medical academy, but was returned to the Jewish community in 2004.


Did you ever hear that those who escaped ,whether from Russia or from Czechoslovakia, the communist kept a list of their names? The government under the communist kept that list for many years. That meant you did not go back - ever!

A friend of mine from Holland said her grandmother cried when she found out that her mother and family went back for a visit - the grandmother and mother hide in many abandon buildings until a Christian organization got them to safety. The same thing happened with my grandmother - the family tried to stop my great grandfather from leaving to go back home. The whole visit for him was devastating - he was too old to travel and to old to hold in the emotions. The friends from the old country had to put my grandfather back on the plane and he never travel back to Israel - his dream.


Hebrew word “Shoah” translates as “destruction, devastation, desolation, or ruin that affect man, nature, and land.” Good question, by the way!

Hebrew term for holocaust memorial day, Yom HaZikaron la-sho’ah ve-la-gevurah (יום הזיכרון לשואה ולגבורה), “the Memorial Day of the Devastation and the Bravery,” typically called by it shortened form, Yom Hashoah (יום השואה), “the Day of the Devastation.” And because shoah is a Hebrew term, it forces us, unlike the English “holocaust,” to focus on the Jewishness of the victims"
The Many Names of the Holocaust



I’m a European Jew (middle aged and of the female variety) who has been discussing religion with Christians online for over two decades, including nearly 12 years on CAF (with over 8000 posts on the old boards), please take it that I don’t need a guided tour of the basics of Jewish/Christian discussion/interaction. If you haven’t seen me around, it’s that, after all these years, I’d become somewhat ‘waspish’ and that wasn’t fair on others.

I was interested in the fora where Jews were so impressed by the New Testament.


My grandfather was a POW. The only reason he returned to Poland after the war was because his dead mother appeared to him in a dream telling him that his sister needed him.


Who said that you needed a guided tour? And why do I need to know your background? Or how many post that you posted?

You say that you are a European Jew, alright. So why do I need to know that? I had belong to several groups, forums. The first Forum that I joined was a Messianic forum, the second was conservative, and the last was a Hasidic forum.
All by Google’s. I have never felt so close to these members and the Forum closed. And, end of story. The rabbi on the Hasidic forum was a yemenite Jew. Like this rabbi, on line, he studied Rambam - Maimonides, also known as the Rambam.

The owner of this website, came from New York. And, we were allowed to discuss or intermix with the New Testament. It was an intermixing of Christians and the Hasidic movement. This was also the same with the conservatives. Since then I had joined a theology forum and had learned much about the temple itself. The Temple Institute

You say you been on many Christian sites, then you should know some of the forms that I’m writing to you about. My family or relatives or grandparents should be acknowledged for their strength in order to come to the United States. There were two brothers, they lost both their parents as Jews. So, I don’t need a guided tour either. One brother was considered full and the other one half. But they were brothers and they loved each other tremendously.

My mother passed away a year ago and I remember what she had to say to me. We are blessed to be in the Catholic religion or that we (as a whole family - relatives (Greek & Polish) were brought up as Christians. In other words, we were given the opportunity for salvation under Christ - a way back to God. Christ is the bridge between us and God.

Many Jews, do believe in the authenticy of the New Testament at the very beginning not toward the very end of scripture. There is a book that is written about Mount Sinai and I can’t remember if it was from Hirsch. It is a wonderful book to read and to get through. I found it down at the Jewish Library. If I get the name again, I will email it to you. Read it.

You may not need a guided tour but neither do I.


So, there’s no link to these discussions, that’s ok, it was only a matter of interest.


I’m sure there are links to those discussions yes but you’re asking me to come up with those links on a moment’s notice and I can’t. period! It is late at night and I am not going to go out of my way in order to find those links for you. You have ignored the entire conversation all together. So I will take my time in finding those links.

Is that your only interest? if it is, then I’ll make sure I go out of my way in order to find it. Would it rest your mind to know that Jews do take an interest in the New Testament and the authenticy? What is your point? that they don’t?


Ah, sorry, I thought you understood that I was only interested in those discussions/fora.

There’s no need to bother yourself.


I’m not in the habit of making things up. These are very close friends of mine on those forums and I’ve known them for years. They were very healthy discussions and I enjoyed every minute of it. We were online for seversl hours - one of the discussions was on Jewish dietary laws of kashrut and discussing the prophet Samuel - on Laws Concerning Kings and the Messiah. Also, DINA DE-MALKHUTA DINA (Aram. דִּינָא דְּמַלְכוּתָא דִּינָא), the halakhic rule that the law of the country is binding, and, in certain cases, is to be preferred to Jewish law. The problem of dina de-malkhuta dina is similar to – but not identical with – the problem of *conflict of laws in other legal systems.


Especially with the rabbi. This rabbi lived in Yemen and is looking for his family in Chicago. I’m sure you can understand what it’s like to look for a family member because of a war.


Look, I apologise for having interrupted you, but after a couple of decades of discussing the New Testament, I was just interested in the nature of the discussions as you had described them.

Forget it.


Not a problem - all of us on that forum spent hours in discussions, as well as on others topics.


Since I am Jewish and love my faith dearly, I can discuss it without politics or arguing.


I’m Jewish and have very little belief in the New Testament. I believe Jesus was an actual historical figure, and Paul. Since Paul mentions James, John, and Peter in his letters, I believe they were actual historical persons, too. About the others, no.

There are many different opinions about just about everything in Judaism. There is an old saying, “Ask two Jews something, and you’ll get three opinions.”


I don’t know if it’s anti-Semitic or not, but I don’t understand why any Jew would want to read a religious book written by a Christian when we, i.e., the Jewish people, have so many excellent scholars of our own.

If one is interested in Christianity, then that’s different, I guess.

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