Can we discuss Judaism without the politics?


I’m sorry anyone would deny the holocaust. Us Catholics lost a lot of good people too like saint maximillian kolbe.


Thank you.


I meant you, not me


Amen. I do not want to be logging in here and seeing Holocaust denial, to many of my wife’s extended family and her friend’s families have members who died fighting the Nazis for me to find it in any way funny.


I agree, it seems so many people who were unaffected find the Holocaust to be sadly funny. They just must be rotten people inside.


My family on my own side were personally totally unaffected by It as they are Irish, but my wife’s family is Russian with side branches of her family been Ukrainian as well or a mixture of both. I hardly need to tell you how much the Holocaust would have affected them, some of those family members were Jewish, the majority not but none of their descendants would be at all amused to hear Holocaust denial going on. I am afraid whilst the majority of posters here are plainly going to disagree with you on tenets of your faith they would have no time for Holocaust denial. However there are a few posters who in subtle (and sometimes not very subtle ways) will poison the well of Jewish/Christian debate and we’ve long had issues with that sadly.


Thank you Rabbi…that was going to be my next question…that pretty much is the thinking of many Christians…that in 1948 Israel was declared a nation…that it was foretold in scripture that in the end times Israel would be restored and its people return…and the land has been made fruitful in abundance by its people…one other question if I may…it seems Archeologists doubt the Exodus from Egypt as they claim nothing has ever been found to corroborate it…they even doubt that Moses was a real person…do you have any information from Israel that may shed light on any new discoveries…personally I don’t have any doubts about the Exodus…or that Moses was a real person…the Passover is the Jewish celebration of God delivering them from slavery in Egypt…and it was Moses who led them to the promised land…I don’t think they just invented it just to have a holiday…or plucked a figure out of thin air to lead them…I still enjoy watching the Ten Commandments…the Cecil B DeMille movie…I also have a Holocaust site on my Facebook…the photos…the heart wrenching stories told by survivors and their descendants…how anyone could deny that is beyond comprehension…but sadly some do…some here in the US even deny that the Massacre of 20 children and six adults at Sandy Hook happened…or was a staged event…this is why truth of the Holocaust can never be silenced…even now anti-semitism is on the rise…Shalom Aleichem Rabbi


Rabbi, to totally change the subject may I ask if you are a father? If so are any of your children teens or young adults? I would be interested in the advice you give them about finding a life partner.


I cannot recommend these two films enough:

A small price to pay for a wealth of knowledge. Rest assured that the exodus is a true event which none can deny any more than the Holocaust itself.


Here’s the link to the other one:


I’m myself not a married man yet, but my advice, for what’s its worth, is for them to follow their heart wherever it leads them. I hope this helps in some form. Shalom (peace)


Sure thing.

The mishnah sukkot really helps making more vivid Esdras’ s account when the hebrews celebrated the feast of booths.

And mishnah yoma helps Catholics understand where the fasting tradition that happens during the Ember Days in September comes from.


My great grandfather was a Russian Jew who had emigrated to England and eventually the U.S… He converted to the Baptist faith and became a missionary to Brazil. I understand much of his family was lost during the war.
I also had an Algebra teacher in high school that had a tattoo on his arm. He was a holocost survivor we knew, but he didn’t like to speak of it.
Everyone should take time to tour the Holocost Museum in Washington DC if they can.


We should be grateful to the Jews for giving us ethical monotheism and Jesus.


Zoroastrianism was the first monotheistic religion


True, but it did not influence the West, and it was over-run by Islam. From Judaism came Christianity, and Christianity built the West.


zorastrianism definitely influenced the west. the jews that lived in Persia for 300 years were influenced by Zoroastrianism, especially their ideas on morality and satan.


Zoroastrians were murdered by Islamic people. it’s really a shame. but still, that happened way after


See how important it is to have an oral tradition? It literally helps us understand the Torah/Tanakh. As you know, most of the common laws are hardly described in the Written Torah. Let us take the laws of tithing crops as an example. We must remember that in an agricultural society, such as the society that existed in Yisrael during biblical times, these laws were relevant to almost everyone, every year. Yet the written law leaves much unsaid. In (Vayikra) Leviticus 27:30 we are told that the tithe of the seed of the land and from the fruit of the tree belongs to G-d. Two verse later (Leviticus 27:32), It teaches us that the tithe of the cattle and sheep, all that pass under the staff is sanctified to G-d. (Bamidbar) Numbers 18:21,24 tells us that the L’vi’im (Levites) were granted “all tithes in Yisrael”. Devarim (Deuteronomy )14:22-23 tells the Yisraelites to eat the tithe in the chosen place. In the next paragraph (Deuteronomy 14:28-29) we are told that “At the end of three years you shall bring out all the tithes of your crop in that year and leave it in your gates. Then the L’vi’im can come, for he has no portion or inheritance with you, and the proselyte, the orphan and the widow who are in your gates so they may eat and be satisfied…”

So who gets the tithe? Is it the L’vi’im? Does the farmer eat the tithe in the chosen place? Does it go to the widow and the orphan? This is a law that is relevant to every farmer, it is relevant to a significant portion of his livelihood, and the instructions are not clear at all.

Again, that’s why you need the Oral Torah, it of course answers this.


I thought that the Jewish exile in Babylon (modern day Iraq) would have exposed them to Zoroastrianism?

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