Can we discuss Judaism without the politics?


So true on your statement there. However, when I say Talmud, I’ll usually be referring to both. Shalom


Rabbi, I have a few questions.
Is it OK for a Roman Catholic to attend a Jewish service on Friday evening at a Jewish temple. Does he need to be wearing a yarmulke and how would he introduce himself ?
Secondly, what are the dietary regulations and how strictly do they need to be followed. From a Jewish standpoint, should a non-Jew observe any of them.
Thirdly, who are the Haredi Jews ?


Research it! I had just found it! I take that back! I started to research it. A hyperlink brought me to YouTube! It showed(are you ready for this) a 12 yo, alleged Jewish boy, holding his Mom’s hand. They asked him about drinking Christian blood!! He answered,”Oh,Yes, every Sabbath!) I know in my heart, this cannot be! But, we have KKK & militias. KKK as you know, hates blacks, Jews & Catholics. I thought maybe there is s fringe group? I hoped not.
Well, my Pope may have cancelled out poor Simon. But the Russian Orthodox is holding on.
It must be so tiresome dealing w anti-sematism. Pogroms! Is it ever to stop. I guess after the Messiah…
Evil in the world is so bad, I don’t know if the church is strong enough to overcome it.Its in my church. Pediophiles have got to go to jail. They defrocked 848 priests & let them go free in the world. 2592 are ordered to a life of prayer and penance. So, they live in apts and can send for boys???
The Pope can’t sentence to jail(?) Turn them over to Police. We, may, have 1000 more homosexual priests serving mass & sacraments. SIGH!God help us! The gates of hell shall not prevail against us.(from outside)?? But from inside(???)
Good night! I appreciate your finding that news blurb. In time, maybe we’ll all get sync’d.
That Simon story was so strange b/c he was 2 yo sitting on front step w parents going to church. I thought, my 2 yo’s would have been gone. Maybe there was a maid???
Simon can rest now…


Yes, I see that as a threat. Am I Jewish? That’s up to you to decide, I can’t do your thinking for you. You likely think I’m just a Khazar anyway. And no, I’ve never once asked anyone in this forum to confirm to why views, nice try.

If all you planned to do on this forum was mock the Shoah, I feel bad for you.


Nazis and Jews are totally different. One group promotes evil, another peace. I personally see no similarities.


Yes, you can attend an Orthodox Shul (a Temple is a Reform Shul, you may go there as well).

We’d all prefer a yarmulke if you have one, if not, no worries, that have countless and will hand them it for free if you ask.

As a non-Jew you don’t have to observe kashrut, if you insist, however, please go right ahead. All you have to do is not eat bacon, no milk or meat together for about 2 hours, and don’t eat any fish which don’t have both scales and fins.


Haredi Jews follow the mystical teachings of Kabbalah. Personally, I’m not one of them, though I believe the Zohar and co. to be of a divine nature.

Are you interested in converting? Check your ancestry, you may already be a Jew or have a Jewish soul (a concept of reincarnation exists in Kabbalah)!

Good luck and please let me know. Shalom


Referring to the ISAIAH where G_d creates the good and the Evil…
I take it as true. He needed to give us choices. If all was good, we wouldn’t know it was good, unless there was a bad comparison. Furthermore, Lucifer was his R hand angel. Pride was floating around. Lucifer took it and wanted G-d’s Spot. Hence, the fallen angels. Where did Pride appear? But my Catholic siblings, have upset over G-d creating Evil? Since G-d is the Creator, who else could do it??
And your reply is, kind Rabbi…


You deny the veracity of the Holoaust by saying we made the numbers up. This is wrong. We’re done debating this.


No i did not. I never once said anything about numbers. But you’re right, there is no point to this. I didn’t mean to derail your thread. I apologize. God bless.


It’s better not to go to YouTube,
It’s better to go to the actual Vatican documents where this case was reopened and found to be fraudulent. Be at peace.
Anyone can put anything on YouTube.
But if anyone gets on YouTube saying they are killing people, the law will step in.
No Popes don’t sentence people to jail, the Criminal system of their respective countries do.


You Tube can be interesting! Conspiracy theories are interesting. Unfortunately, some ppl believe it. 9/11, I know was AlQueda. I know we knew something was up but they didn’t invite us for their party. I understand the construction and the pancaking of floors and imploding. OBL was one of 50 children. Nieces and nephews TNTC. Some knew of attack. In NY, they left by 9/10. The ones left behind were not involved and had to be evacuated. But, where is that gold that was in the bottom bank? That one has me! Evacuated before, on general principle, that something was up???
There is beautiful music on YouTube!
I’m there. I’m a Christian but God gave me the music. He is great Composer.
(lullabies) SGT. JASON SWIGER, my son in law. He was killed in Iraq. It’s a military supportive CD + a 9/11 song.
JFYI & fun. One can fast forwarded past scripture verses. Oh yes! STONES about Ushmael & Isaac being half brothers and the Intifada. THE HEARTBEAT OF JERUSALEM. God wanting peace in Israel.


So sorry about your son in law.

9/11 wasn’t Jewish though, right?

I don’t understand what you are saying here.


As a Catholic, I’ve gotten a lot of satisfaction from reading the Jewish Publication Society Torah commentary series and other commentaries. I find deep spirituality in Judaism. There is, though, quite a range of beliefs within the branches of Judaism, and I can’t agree with all sides, of course.

I’m reading “Paul” by NT Wright, who is explaining the history of Paul of Tarsus, a Pharisee and a zealot. Saul/Paul is a complex person, in Wright’s biography. One virtue of Paul is his devotion to reading of the Jewish scriptures. I read the JPS commentaries, because there seem to be so few in-depth Catholic commentaries on the Jewish scriptures.

I find The Jewish Study Bible 2nd Ed from Oxford press to be an excellent study bible, to gain insight from the Jewish point of view. I’m too old to tackle the Talmud or Rashi.

Comedian Louis Black was talking about the Bible and said that most of us goyim don’t understand it. He said the Jews would be glad to explain it, but it’s going to cost us. He ain’t exaggerating there. I’m about $1500 into Jewish commentaries.

I don’t know why Catholics hardly ever quote or pray the Shema. Next to the Lord’s Prayer, this pledge of allegiance to G-d should be on our lips. Whoops, that’s internal politics.


From the Catholic point of view, Judaism is our heritage. I love to talk about Judaism, specifically the non-political and non-polemical subjects.

I’ve had a couple false starts getting into The Path of the Just.


Oh, I wrote songs. God is the Composer. I’m in You Tube. JFYI since we mentioned Youtube & it’s questionable content. There is beautiful music in it. That brought me to tell you about my music. There are those 3 CD’s I mentioned. There is a Song w a video to help heal PTSD—-“EMBRACE THE PAIN”
There are 2 other singles, I wrote ( God gave me) The one song is “STONES” it talks about Abraham & Ishmael & Isaac. Conflict! They each got 12 tribes. Chorus is about throwing stones w the Intifada. We have to make Father Abraham happy again. STOP FIGHTING! Think about half brother Kinship…
THE HEARTBEAT OF JERUSALEM talks about the three main religions having roots there. Chorus is about listening to the call of the angels.
Put our weapons down and make peace.
There are videos w both those songs.
I thought it might be fun, speaking of all things Jewish. to look up songs.
I can’t give up my day job. But it’s a peek at what gifts God gave me.
Shalom. Like my music would help bring about peace. I couldn’t get it on the radio in Israel or anywhere. I tried.


My grandfather was there when US forces liberated dachau. He was a sergeant in the US army. He saw first hand what the Nazis did. You’re flat out wrong for saying it never happened.


Zealot just take the Holocaust denial stuff away please. Some of us like Salmonslayer and myself here have family members who saw it first hand. I imagine Salmonslayer’s grandfather like my wife’s granddad has sadly passed on, it falls to those who are left behind to stop the rot. Comparing faiths or debating them is an entirely different thing to Holocaust denial, you are trying to create false dilemmas.


Hi Rabbi…it’s interesting that you mention the importance of oral tradition as well as the written word in understanding the Torah…as Catholics we also place the importance of Sacred (oral) tradition as it preceded the writings of the New Testament…Jesus told his Disciples to go and preach the words he had taught them…he wrote nothing down…and so began Sacred (oral) tradition…they both complement each other and are of equal importance…Protestants on the other hand believe in the written word (Bible ) alone…but I don’t want to derail this thread by getting into that… shalom


As long as the oral Torah isn’t in conflict with itself or the Scriptures, yes, it is important to know and understand.

In the Church, we have oral tradition as well. And this, too, is a continuation of what God’s people have done since the beginning.

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