Can we get married in the church during Lent?

:confused:Can we get married in the Church during Lent?

Yes, weddings can take place during the Lenten season. However if a wedding occurs on a Sunday the Mass of the day must be used. From the USCCB:

Sundays of Lent

a. The wedding ritual outside Mass may be celebrated, keeping in mind the special penitential nature of the season of Lent.

b. If the wedding during Mass is chosen, the Mass of the day is used. Presidential prayers, preface, and two of the readings are taken from the Mass of the day (Sunday of Lent). One reading may be chosen from the readings for the wedding Mass, and the Nuptial Blessing is given at the usual time. (GIRM #330 and the Rite of Marriage [OM] #11). The general law does not limit which reading may be changed.

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