can we have a discussion with Muslims without getting angry


I am often afraid to post on threads discussing topics with Muslims. It makes me very sad see Catholics who I strongly respect getting so angry. It isn’t that I agree with Islam-I’d be Muslim if I did- but I don’t understand why we can’t have mature discussions with one another without getting so angry.:frowning: Can we just treat one another with common courtesy?


From my experience, there is about 30% of regular posters here that are angry with Islam in General . However many here i respect . There are angry people in all faiths, on the forum there are some angry poeople too that i disagree with their attitude.

I admire your call , it will be adhereed by many good people butr also it will not make eny effect on people with agendas.




In my experience, it’s usually the Muslim who becomes hostile when ‘infidels’ voice disagreement.


Deb1, I agree with you. The main reason I avoid this forum is because of the hostility of some of the posters. It saddens me - here is a forum in which we can dialog with people unlike ourselves, and instead of that some people choose to vent their spleen. :frowning:


I agree.

Personally I have attempted some discussions and unintentionally angered or offended some members, (not necessarily a Muslim). I’m actually curious about Islam and other faiths, but admittedly because I’m defendending my own faith. Maybe that’s where tempers get heated?

One topic I am tempted to start, but hesitant to, is one concerning the nature of debate over the internet, and some of the unfortunate misunderstandings that occur especially discussing religion.

I’m fairly new to these forums and still feel a bit awkward, advice from you veterans concerning effective debate might be worthwhile.

Or maybe we just think it’s fun to duke it out over the internet :rolleyes:


I would be a lot less angry if Muslims admitted that they have some problems and it isn’t all the fault of the Jews etc. One of the main problems being the persecution of Christians. It just drives me nuts when they deny it happens despite the evidence and even their own personal knowledge. I despise the blame game they play instead of facing up to the facts.


Moslem Apologetics is an oxymoron.

Koranic exegesis is an oxymoron.

I have yet to meet a Moslem who will argue openly on the abyssmal differences between Islam and Christianity.

Every Moslem I have talked with has based any discussion of Judaism/Christianity/Islam on the assertions that 1. Jesus is a minor prophet of Allah; 2. The Jews are hated by Allah and are the offspring of Demons; 3. Abraham and Moses were really Moslem, not Jewish, and that 4. Women do not have souls and are not equal to Men before Allah.

There is the problem, deb1, it’s a fundamental perceptual handicap on the part of their beliefs, it has nothing to do with “playing nice” with a prosletyzing Moslem.

Pax Christi


I have been around Muslims my whole life, yes, some are radical and will tell you Jews are spawn of Satan, and some will tell you Jews are the people of the book, and have a place in heaven, and that Jesus was born of a virgin. Just like another other religio Islam comes in many forms.


Huh? I know where you’re coming from with Moses (as), but who ever claimed that Abraham was Jewish??? And I’ve never heard any Muslim in my life claim that Jews were the offspring of demons or that women don’t have souls (the Qur’an clearly says otherwise). Methinks you may be exaggerating slightly.


It helps me to remember that I am using this forum as a witness of my faith. Don’t worry about winning the debate, just write the truth. There are people who come on this forum just to read the posts and never write anything. Your tone and what you write can influence how they percieve Catholicism. That is why politeness matters.

Often I Edit my remarks after I respond to a poster’s sarcastic comments. I figure it looks worse on them if I force myself to be polite in return.

Whenever a non Catholic poster is going in circles and not answering questions or just being rude, be glad. They are making Catholics look good and their own viewpoint look bad.


One of the issues is that Muslims can be very friendly, until they are with other Muslims and speaking Arabic. I have noticed that the same Muslim who deplores terrorism in English changes when he speaks Arabic. Suddenly we are all infidel pigs and dogs. This actually happened with an Imam who spoke after 911 all about peace. Back in Egypt he was smirking about how great it was that the infidel were killed. He didn’t realize that someone would translate his words. When you see this happen often enough you begin to mistrust all of them, especially when they seem so reluctant to make straightforward condemnations of Islamic terrorism. To put it bluntly I no longer trust Muslims and it’s their fault that I don’t. Now they have to earn back my trust.


Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why there is a lot of mistrust towards Muslims, in contrast to Christian / Catholic attitudes towards Buddhists and Hindus? We likewise strongly disagree with what Buddhists, Jains, Sikhs and Hindus believe, but we are more cordial and tolerant towards the adherents of the latter faiths, as against Islam. Perhaps, as Centusdei has pointed out, it isn’t our fault for feeling such distrust, but the blame largely lies with the behaviour of the muslims, who call us infidels when our backs are turned and when they think we aren’t listening.


Exactly why you can give “sensitivity training” to our soldiers but they still come back from Afghanistan or Iraq so distrusting of Muslims. Hypocrite isn’t strong enough of a word to describe what they’ve seen these people do and then claim they’re a religion of peace.

So I’m with cestusdei… if they want us to trust them, they need to own their words and then back up their words with action. It’s one thing to say they don’t think us pigs, dogs, or infidels, it’s totally another when they’re telling this to us, DEMANDING we believe them, while they’re holding the cell phone that detonates the IED to blow up our troops. Hmm…

No thanks… The most they’ll get out of me is a prayer that someday they’ll be able to be trusted. Until then… I’ll never turn my back on them because I don’t trust them.

And yes, I’m very well not ALL Muslims are like this. Unfortunately, MOST refuse to speak out against terrorism nor have they done anything to help stop it. Especially the ones in developed countries like the U.S. and Europe.


Do you get any sense of anger over injustice?


Check this out! It happened in real life. Argued about religion with a Muslim and also got themselves killed.



well, apparently they weren’t killed. But one has serious injuries from being run over.


Of course.


The word Infedil has no translation in Arabic . We use the word unbeliever.

Hey, you are an unbeliever to me , straight in your face .

Guess what , i am also an unbeliever to you and i am not angry about it.

To me is my faith and to you is yours .



If only that were the worst of it.


The worst of it comes from the worst of us . There are bad sides on every side of us , muslims and christians and jews . Mosques get burned all around the states every day . A muslim lady with Children simply walking in the streets got shot and killed for no reason whatsoever. etc etc etc …


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