Can we have a funeral Mass without the body being present?

My brother in law died last night of cancer at the age of 41. He was baptized Catholic and comes from a large Catholic family. His wife is not Catholic and he never practiced his faith.
He had expressed interest in recieving his sacrements about 2 weeks ago, but only if he became healthy again. His wife will not allow a rosary or any kind of funeral service for him. There will be a visitation for only immediate family after which he will be cremated and taken home by his wife.
Is there a Catholic mass or service that can performed for him without his body present? I know that she will not participate and will not allow the ashes to be present.

Dear bmw,

Sure! See our pastor about having a memorial Mass. You can display a picture of your brother-in-law. No problem.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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