Can we have our priest from our current parish marry us at another Catholic Church closer to our reception venue?

We are getting married in late January and would like to keep the Church and reception venues close together as most of his family will be traveling a long distance. I would like to keep it as convenient as possible and also minimize the potential of people traveling more during potentially snowy weather. My question is will our pastor at our parish in Illinois marry us at another Catholic Church outside of his home parish in Indiana?

Can. 1111 §1. As long as they hold office validly, the local ordinary and the pastor can delegate to priests and deacons the faculty, even a general one, of assisting at marriages within the limits of their territory.

Yes, if he is a priest in good standing with his diocese he can (with the permission of the local Bishop and pastor) marry you in another church.

All that needs to take place is for your pastor to contact the pastor of the parish where the wedding will take place and they will iron out the details.

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