Can we make errors in heaven or do we know all consequences?

Do we loose out potential intellect when we go to heaven ? Or can we make errors still? Let me give you a example I’m struggling with … “ thou shall not bear false witness is a sin … and misrepresenting someones position is a sin … it seems to me though that misrepresenting someone’s argument unintentionally is still a sin if it causes damage , because Intent doesn’t change a bad object to a good one … but intent can change a good object into a bad one … so It seems to me accidentally misrepresenting someone is still a bad object even if you unintentionally did it .

1753 A good intention (for example, that of helping one’s neighbor) does not make behavior that is intrinsically disordered, such as lying and calumny, good or just. The end does not justify the means. Thus the condemnation of an innocent person cannot be justified as a legitimate means of saving the nation. On the other hand, an added bad intention (such as vainglory) makes an act evil that, in and of itself, can be good (such as almsgiving).39

If this is the case then can we make a error in heaven and it be a sin ?? Or do we have enough Knowledge To know our consequences before we commit actions and be prudent enough ?

I can’t imagine we’re contemplating theological or moral questions. We’re experiencing God directly. There’s no more ambiguity to puzzle over.


But does this make us all knowing like God ? That’s the problem I’m having with Someone’s rebuttal . And my second question is is accidentally misrepresenting someone’s position still a sin? Even if you don’t intent to misrepresent them? Am I correct on that ? I know that circumstances can finish your culpability but it doesn’t change the wrong or sinful object only your responsibility for it .

In the heavenly state, all attachment to sin (mortal and venial) has been eliminated, either through penance or through purgatory, so there will be no desire to sin.


There is no sin in Heaven. Anyone who gets there cannot sin there.


Hey Vico!.. but what about accidentally misrepresenting someone , what are your thoughts on that? Would you consider this a accidental venial sin ? And if It is then wouldn’t you consider us to error free in heaven?

So what about my first question then ? Would accidentally misrepresenting someone be a sin? Say we are debating and I accidentally make a error by misrepresenting their position because I didn’t understand . Or I accidentally got my information wrong and said something untrue . Would this qualify as a accidental lie ? Because the intent doesn’t change the matter of the object if it is harmful or wrong

All actual sin is voluntary.


How could that possibly be a sin?


Ok I now see my problem thank you

1751 The object chosen is a good toward which the will deliberately directs itself. It is the matter of a human act. The object chosen morally specifies the act of the will, insofar as reason recognizes and judges it to be or not to be in conformity with the true good. Objective norms of morality express the rational order of good and evil, attested to by conscience.

So basically The object needs to be deliberate?
And the intent is why your deliberately doing this voluntary action ? I think I got it now … so there is no such thing as accidental sin?

I’m not sure . I’m confused on intent right now . I’m taking the catholic answers school of apologetics with Trent Horn’s lessons on catholic moral teachings and now I got questions. I know that a Bad object is bad no matter the intent … and that a good object can be bad if there is a bad intent ( for example spreading the gospel is good but if I’m doing it to boast about my knowledge then it’s bad ).

But abortion is always bad no matter your intent … and circumstances can’t change this but it can change your responsibility, prudency and the gravity of the sin.

So that made me think further about what makes a sin a sin . I guess I started getting confused that if you don’t intent to do harm it doesn’t change the fact that doing harm is still sinful… so that’s why I was wondering if you can accidentally sin .

You cannot accidentally commit a mortal sin. It is impossible.


Correct . You need complete consent , full knowledge, and grave matter… but I’m talking about venial sins . Can’t they be accidental or deliberate ? If so what qualifies as accidental sin if there is a such a thing

While we should try to avoid venial sins they do not require to be confessed because they do not separate us from God.
The answer about Heaven is still the same. No there is no sin in Heaven, mortal or venial.

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Yes I know that … but my question was more directed toward wondering if we are all knowing ( omniscient ) in heaven or if we can make bad mistakes in heaven unintentionally . And if we accidentally harm someone isn’t that a accidental sin because intent can’t change the a bad object into a good one .

Are we error free in heaven and in order to be error free doesn’t this imply that we know everything or else we could possibly make a mistake that could be costly even though it wasn’t intended due to our lack of knowledge of the consequences.

I understand with the beatific visón that we would never ever desire to sin. But can we still accidentally sin without Desiring it ? But maybe that doesn’t qualify as a sin because for example our thoughts aren’t sins until we desire those thoughts right? So see the confusion is having .

There is no sin in Heaven, accidentally or deliberately!

So If we can’t make errors in heaven or accidentally commit immoral acts Then is it safe to say we are “ all knowing “ in a way? Because it seems like a dilemma. Your either all knowing or you have to admit that you might not know something is wrong and therefore commit the act …

Also what about my first question , is misrepresenting someone or committing a bad act without intending to , still a venial sin ?

We are not all knowing. We are not God.

As for your question about the venial sin I don’t know. I would tend to think it’s not.

Then what In heaven prevents us from accidentally committing immoral act ? I know that we won’t desire evil and thus never want to sin, but to me this does not rule out any accidents or errors in heaven.

Because think about it , if we can sin here on earth accidentally , for example Someone might accidentally run over a child while driving their car Then what prevents certain things like this in the next life ?

The fact that you are in Heaven forever with God.

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