Can we now please get serious about reducing abortion?

As a number of my previous posts have stated, I believe that the focus of the pro-life movement on what I call the “Vote for the Court” strategy is not likely to reduce abortion rates more than 5-10%.

Now that we are after the election, I am making an impassioned plea to other pro-lifers to NOT just sit back and wait for the government to stop abortion. The political theology of the New Testament (e.g., Mark 10:25-35; John 18:36; Romans 13:1-7, others…) does not say that we put forward the Kingdom of God by taking over a temporal government… in fact, it’s exactly the opposite (e.g., Mark 8:33, Acts 1:6, 1 Peter 2:13-17).

Now that there is a president who has promised to support pro-life judges, can we talk seriously about putting together an “evidence-based” strategy for abortions?

I know the crisis pregnancy centers in our area do great work helping women (and men, and families), not just during pregnancy but afterwards. There’s also a lot of free health clinics that just don’t have the advertising power that Planned Parenthood does, or doctors and midwives that offer free care as part of their regular practices.

As Catholics, getting involved with organizations like these, that offer legitimate, sound health care to women in need, without telling them the lie that abortion is somehow health care, will do a world of good. :thumbsup:

A strategy change is imminent to win the war on abortion.

Why does abortion happen?
Answer: Fornication.

Is there/has there been any strategy since 1970 to reduce fornication? No, in fact the laws and accessibility to resources to increase formication have infinitely grown. Many young men are exposed to porno at 10 years old. At the same time, statistics say that ten year olds are committing suicide at an increasing rate. Young men skip courting and go straight for sex upon their peers. I was listening to an audio book of Raggedy Anne, and a young painter was dancing with the doll as if he hoped to with a young lady; it is sweet and good. Today, young men will dismiss a female because she didn’t send a naked picture of herself.

We now have a President who divorced a woman because, “How can I have sex with a woman who has had babies?” Only to say, “I’d date my daughter” (who’s mom he rejected) — isn’t this called eugenics? Men in this abortive culture generally despise women. They only like the women who bring them visual and physical satisfaction; then they ridicule and lower human dignity on those who don’t. How can a vessel of life (women) thrive in raising a family in these unchecked circumstances?

It’s time to change the current strategy of ending abortion at the facilities. By the time the woman shows up to PP she has committed many wounds against God, herself, and family … and lurking in the dark is her partner taking over a new fresh piece of meat acting completely innocent of being part of the abortion culture.

I know a more liberal teacher who said to the people who were upset about Hilary losing, that if our opinions aren’t met in the country, we should act to make them happen. This applies to the pro-life movement, as we shouldn’t just support a candidate, but also write to congressmen/congresswomen, stay outside facilities where abortions occur, and learn apologetics for the pro life movement. Thank you very much for this post, it made me realize that I am responsible

Didn’t work last time a Pro-Life president and congress were in office from 2003-2007. Not sure what is different this time around considering Trump may not even be pro-life beyond saying so helping his election chances.

Yes, I believe he will not support pro-life legislation.

Especially since his website no longer even lists abortion as one of his issues. He was using pro-lifers. And we were duped. I just hope he doesn’t do as much damage to the pro-life cause as I believe he will.

Who am I kidding. The damage is done. We’ve lost our credibility.

What damage will he do?

Where do we start? Are we just going to talk about it online, or are we going to take some concrete actions?

I believe that the entire country puts too much emphasis on the power of the government. That’s why there are so many people in tears today. If Clinton won, it would have been the same, tears and riots and shouts of “not my president”.

It’s always been the prerogative of citizens to change society without the help of government, and I think the liberal minded have been much more effective at it. They changed the way society thought, and then the government legislated. The pro-life movement, from what I’ve witnessed, has been trying it backwards, and it’s failed.

What’s the first step? How do we reverse popular opinion? Is prayer and fasting the answer? Some sort of outreach campaign? Charities? does anyone have success stories?

Good grief, the man hasn’t even been sworn into office yet and some of you are already pulling your hair out. Get a freaking grip.

Friends, why so glum? Did you expect a politician — any politician? — to solve this problem?

Expectations are an unreliable source of hope. When expectations are not met, that’s disappointment, which is kind of like the opposite of hope. It is far better to attach our hopes to objectives.

If you want to climb a mountain, you don’t say “We’re gonna march right up that mountain.” No, you say “There’s the summit. We will attempt it.” You try one approach. If that doesn’t work, you haven’t failed. You have merely found one approach that doesn’t work. You try another approach, or get better equipment, or get help from Sherpas. The objective is still there, and you keep trying.

Our objective is to save the lives of the unborn. We don’t know exactly how we’re going to do that, but we can try one thing and another until we find out what works. The law of the land is one approach. Pregnancy care centers are another. Education (informing others about what constitutes life and how precious it is) is another. Evangelization is another.

Don’t sit and wait for the President, the Congress, or the Supreme Court to do it. What can you and I do?

Somewhere along the line, they hijacked the concept of “right” and “justice”. (reproductive right, reproductive justice)

How do we tackle this?

Not to pick on anybody here, but I mentioned something that I think will actually work (and is already working) that involves real action, and y’all are still on politics. :stuck_out_tongue:

If we can pull the sour grapes out of our mouths for a moment let’s look at the positive. For one, as pensmama said, crisis pregnancy centers are winners. Even with an ambivalent Trump, the onslaught of the past few years to burden pregnancy centers with regulations if not outright declaring them illegal just lost a lot of oxygen. Completely de-funding the Planned Parenthood propaganda machine and force them to beg like everyone else is a real possibility. The appointment of SCOTUS judges, while not a cure-all, certainly opens up possibilities that anti-abortion legislation at the state level can survive. None of this would be even thinkable had the Grandma Abortion Witch won.

Yes, it is false to believe that secular political power will end abortion. But it is equally false to assert that it should be abandoned altogether. A government administration actively in favor of abortion is a boat anchor tied to the leg of the pro-life movement. We should be thankful when that anchor slips loose and jump on the opportunity.

I do agree with this. But why is fornication so prevalent? Two factors—contraception, and the sexual revolution. Ultimately, more contraception leads to more abortion, as does the sexual revolution.

But reversing those two factors will require a major cultural shift, both societal and personal.

Americans have always been more approving of restrictions on abortion than the SCOTUS allows. The question is whether they are willing to change their views on fornication. Free sex means dead babies.

Only so much can happen in four years. I will await to see how the Republican Party prioritizes its goals.

I am not holding my breath on abortion being in the top ten goals.

Damage our credibility and our witness. Pro-choicers already say that pro-lifers think of women as less than human. And we overwhelmingly voted for a man who has spent his entire adult life using women for his pleasure, who only thinks of people in terms of what they can do for him. This is the very root of the culture of death, and we celebrate him as a pro-life hero. Why? Because he said something about judges.

I hope I’m wrong. I really, really do. But I can’t help feeling we made a deal with the devil and we will pay for it. We’ll lose our souls and get nothing in return.

I’m sorry for being a downer here. But this whole election season has really shaken my faith.

Has he shown any indication that he’s reneging on his pro-life platform?

I pray that he does keep his promise to be pro-life.

And I think that we still did right in electing Donald Trump. What I know for sure is that Hillary Clinton was pro-abortion almost right up to delivery. Now we have a chance with Trump. We have something to work with. I agree with others who say we have to work hard at it ourselves. Can’t just sit back and wait for something to happen.

You are very right about the crisis pregnancy centers. Some time ago I worked for five years as an unprofessional counselor, and it was a joy to be of help. We had good used and re-washed baby clothing up to five years of age. Local churches would have baby showers annually for the crisis center. We would award a brand new baby item from these showers to the client when they watched a video on baby care. Us unprofessional counselors went through a training program first, so we could learn what to do and what not to do.

People would donate used high chairs, carriages, cribs, etc., and they were inspected for safety and given to those who needed them.

Toys and books (used) for toddlers were available. I could go on and on!

If someone cannot be a counselor or helper in any way, they can pass on information to others who may have used toddler clothes to donate, baby blankets, crib sheets, etc. that they can donate. There is so much joy between the helpers when they meet for a Christmas gathering every year.

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