Can we pray to someone else's guardian angel?

Can we ask someone else’s guardian angel to watch over them? Any thoughts on this? Thank You!!! :slight_smile:

I hope so cause I have prayed for my husband’s and 2 sons’ Guardians Angels to surround and protect them.


Yes I have asked my guardian angel to team up with my wife’s so they can speak to her 2 to 1.

The angelic pincer movement. :smiley:


I’m sure you can ask your Guardian Angel to convey your prayers to someone else’s Guardian Angel, and even ask yours to work with theirs. God willing, of course.

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I often just pray to “my guardian angel and all the Holy Angels” so I presume that includes all guardian angels. While Guardian Angels’ main task is to guard their assigned person while on earth, they probably do other things too, like praising God and perhaps they can also pray for general intentions in their spare time.

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