Can we Reapply for Petrine Privilege?

My boyfriend and I applied for the Privilege of faith, in which the Pope is asked to dissolve a non sacramental marriage in favour of the faith. Now it looks like we may not get this because of my boyfriend’s problem with being controlling on things including religious matters. Somehow this got back to the priest, who contacted Rome. This is understandable. What if he goes to therapy for a year or so, could we re-apply and get it? All of the other requirements are there. If we have documentation proving that he will no longer try to control my life in this way, that he has gotten help for his problem, and gotten baptized, might we still be eligable?
Thank you for any help.
Mary Therese

Why do you want to work so hard to stay with a controlling guy?

What was the controlling behavior that your priest heard about that made him put the brakes on this? You are pretty fortunate, you know, to have someone intervening like this.

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