Can we say that this quote supports the Catholic Church?


This quote was written by John Wesley, the founder of Methodism.

The more the Doctrine of any church agrees with Scripture, the more readily it ought to be received.

Of course afterwards, he used it to attack Catholicism and repeat the same anti-Catholic rhetoric we hear all the time. What’s interesting though, is how he writes about how Catholics believe the Pope to be the Vicar of Christ (of course he says it’s heresy). This is proof that Catholics have been believing it for a while.

I guess Wesley wasn’t reading enough Scripture and enough Catholic Doctrine. Could he have used a lesson in Patristics? Anyways, I found the quote to be humorous and I laughed a bit. Reason being, because that quote led me to Catholicism. I guess you could say John Wesley made me Catholic! It’s cool how Wesley’s reasoning perfectly describes how the Scriptures are in sync with the Church. :thumbsup:

Any thoughts or discussion on the matter?

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Link to the book in which Wesley states this quote. You’ll have to go to page 199 to see it.


Well, to start, replace “Scripture” with “the entire Deposit of Faith”.


Well of course, but there is nothing in Catholic Doctrine that opposes Scripture. So Protestants, Methodists in particular, should be using their reason to see that Scripture and the Church don’t oppose each other. Nearly every single, if not all, Catholic belief can be be supported by Scripture, but that doesn’t mean that it has to be for it to be Catholic Doctrine. But no Scripture passage opposes Catholic doctrine and vice verse.

Pace e Bene


That is an excellent site for old books - & a sprinkling of modern ones.

This is also worth reading:
*]Letter To a Roman Catholic[/LIST]also here:
*][/LIST]In view of the contents of his Popery Calmly Considered, I don’t think he can be used as suggested :slight_smile:


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