Can we speak Gods name


Recently I was told that Catholics should not use the name Yahweh.

What do you all think of this?


My Old Testament professor was of the same opinion. However, it is a matter of personal reverence, not of sin. The Jewish tradition of not saying or writing the name of G-d comes from Deuteronomy 12:3-4 rather than the third commandment. It’s not a Catholic tradition to interpret those verses in the same way, but I doubt anyone would fault you for an extra measure of reverence toward your maker.


There was a recent notification that it is to be avoided at Mass (in hymns, etc.) so as not to offend our Jewish brethren.


I am not the brightest crayon so need some help if you can.

I don’t get how Deuteronomy 12:3-4 imply we should not say Yahweh, i understand it to be about other gods. Which i would take to mean i should testify the name Yahweh is above all of those.

I can understand that there is danger of giving Yahweh attributes that are of other gods when speaking His name.

I have spent some time reflecting on who the Father i pray to is and is not so my prayer is directed to only the One True God. Yahweh by name has been part of this.

The third commandant would seem to me to suggest it is right and proper to use His name when in prayer and worship.

I have pondered further that it may be vain to not use His proper name.

Be blessed always and i praise Yahweh for His goodness in your helping me.


Yes this the context i reckon that is referred to.

Do you know the source?

If Jewish people have reason not use The Name of God and do not believe Christians are in fullness Gods chosen people how can they be offended if Christians speak it?

If Christians believe they are in the scripture fulfilled, are they not closer to God and holding His authority?

While respect for others is very important would authority not suggest that lovingly it is important to take a stand for what is right or at least just to do? Form where i am looking example is how we can teach

May almighty God bless us as we share our thoughts on this topic and ensure all that no offence is intended to any.


G’day Steven John
The word "Yahweh comes from the Hebrew alphabet and called the Divine tetragrammatom YHWH which is unpronouncable and was never ment to be said. The directive not to use this word in any liturgical sense come from The Holy Father (Circular 6/2008-n). The directive tells us that it was never used in any translation of the early texts and “Yahweh” should be replaced by Lord or Adonai. You local Church should have a copy of a documnent from the Bishops Conference. Hope this is of some help. May God bless you with peace and happiness cheers geoff.


Appreciated Geoff, will chase the circular.

May God bless you and yours as you submit unto Him


You can read it here:


Bless you, this made it fast and easy for me.

May Almighty God bless every one for helping me, I praise Him for this help.


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