Can we stop arguing and support each other?

This week has been stressful to say the least. The arrogance and pride of both parties has shown through. I have been short tempered and rude to my fellow countryman who do not see the same way as I do. I need to take a breather and fix this. I have deleted my social media accounts, except this one, because of the posts and attacks on our current President and whom may be our new President. The stories of fraud coming out with no empathy from Democrats has me short tempered and uncharitable. Can we all take a step back and remember that we are brothers and sisters first. We each have our reasons behind our views and we need to really listen to each other and be understanding of each other without attacking one another. I really need to remind myself of this and practice this as well. Getting too caught up in the world this week and losing site of what we are taught.


Father’s homily last night touched on this. We are not made for this world. Our place is in Heaven. This election isn’t the be all and end all. We will all have to stand before God to be judged. Don’t let all of this political stuff steal your joy. Keep our eyes on God.


I agree with you

One thing that really bugs me is that the Dems are calling for unity and let’s all hold hands and sing songs. When . . . it’s arguably likely many of them . . . would have burned and looted and protested like crazy if Trump had won and there had been allegations of election fraud on the part of the Republican Party. . . .

I also remember what Hillary said “Joe Biden should not concede under any circumstances.”

The Dems and the Marxists . . . and the baby sacrificing Molech supporters . . . whose support they sought . . . can keep their poisoned cup of “unity”. . . . I reject it . . . For that reason I will never stand with them. . . .

Although, I do admit concern about this rising feeling of anger that I feel. But, I feel it is justified. Marxist Molech worshippers are the great enemy of our time.


I simply hide all political posts unless they are humorous. I made one exception and did not hide the post from a guy who has a lot of medical issues and is currently just getting over being pretty sick with COVID. I made a jokey remark to him instead.

This whole situation over the last several years has just been a big reminder to me to not let my life or happiness depend on who’s in office or the outcome of an election. Too many people are overly caught up with these things, which are “of the world”. I have been limiting my posts and contacts on social media for a while, and anyone who posts a lot of political stuff usually gets unfollowed, snoozed, posts hidden, whatever is appropriate based on the amount and type of stuff they post. Currently my feed is full of animal rescue and animal group posts and that’s the way I like it.


I try but I feel such anger and humiliation. I live with Biden and Harris fan boys and fan girls. Of course they never cease their taunting. Those jeering smiles and winks while saying BIDEN :+1:. I try hard to restrain the anger in me that rises as each day passes by and despite the taunts and jeers. Anger and then apathy. Just not feeling good these days. Sorry… just needed to vent.


That is exactly how I was feeling Duke. That is why I needed to take a step back and get myself straight because I know that is not right. We all answer for everything sooner or later and I am having faith in that. But, we all know that there will be trials in this world. I need to get right and stay right with God because this world is only temporary. Try to ignore the arrogance and do like Tis_Bearself said.

You’re right, it’s called idolatry, more precise political idolatry, and we’re witnessing it here as well, on CAF of all places a Catholic website. All this hate and anger over political idol worship, talk of taking up arms etc, God punished his own chosen people when they turned to worshiping idols, and here on CAF we see a microcosm of what is happening across this country. I got rid of cable TV, I don’t listen to talk radio, they are just all just idolizing their own political gurus and demonizing the others.


Peebo you are 100% correct. I knew things were getting bad when I recognized an older aged woman from my Parish cursing at and attacking members of the opposite political party on a local opened forum in our town. I wanted to remind her that she is representing the Church if anyone recognizes her but I thought best to not get involved. At that point I realized how crazy and off track this is making all of us.

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I wonder how we got to this point.

Yes, we are a big country, so there are an awful lot of us.

I’m curious what people think the actual divide is. Is it rural - suburban/urban, white - people of color, affluent - less affluent?

Whats at the root?


Indeed… I’m reminded of the attitude of the Jews who were adamant that they must fight and kill the Romans and revive Israel. The hate and anger they felt towards the Romans was of such intensity they rejected Jesus. But at the same time… how are we supposed to know when it is time to fight? After all I keep reading that the Bible in no way advocates pacifism. Ah but I’m just so mad and down at the same time. Can the Dems be worse than the Romans? Biden Harris has 4 years at the most to do as much damage as they can. If only Emperor Nero had a term limit…

I feel like my guardian angel is trying to tell me something here but at the same time I just want to scream.

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We got here little by little.

Democrats vs. United States

The need for power and control is unquenchable.


Stop. Just stop. You could say that about any political group in the US.


Not as long as we have people creating posts like this:

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The “root” is that people make a politician or a political party the center of their lives rather than focusing their attention on God and neighbor as it should be.

And we didn’t just “get to this point”, we’ve been here before, except there was not nonstop 24/7 news, internet, and social media emphasizing it. During the Nixon years pre-Watergate there was a huge divide in the country between Nixon and non-Nixon. During the Reagan years, there was a huge divide between Reagan and anti-Reagan. People have a really short memory span, or else in some cases they weren’t born yet and they don’t know. I am certain that in 100 years this will have faded into history the same as how nobody talks about James G. Blaine any more.


That’s a good reminder. Thanks for that.

Google Alert! Any reason why you picked him?

They are wrong. They voted for a main with questionable integrity, a failing brain, and principles that would make any authentic Catholic sick. That’s a reflection of them, not you.

Your anger should be pity. . . .

Right is right and wrong is wrong, regardless of how a vote turns out. That is true in every election.


I think its traditionalism vs. progressiveness. A large group does not want to have to have to submit to abortion, gender confusion, acceptance of homosexuality being pushed into the Church. I am traditional. I feel like a lot of the progressive outlooks are hurting us in many ways. I know not everyone agrees with me. I still try to love these people as we are taught to, but it becomes difficult when they refuse to listen to my side and to why I feel that way.


But its taxes as well. I know we are taught to help our fellow man but there is a fine line where it becomes hand outs for those who are capable of providing for themselves but do not want to.


What tax policies in particular are you concerned about?

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