Can we stop arguing and support each other?

Whatever you say Student.

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U.S. sanctions have killed many people in and destroyed the economy of Venezuela. This isn’t exactly a ridiculous thing to say, U.S. officials brag about it.

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The same case could be made of capitalism. Given that humans are humans, I don’t see why capitalism is held as sacrosanct by some when it entirely relies on a theory (admittedly a beautiful one) of observing the rules of competition. Competition must be fair, in a sense, or else it distorts the free market. To be fair all must obey a set of rules such as observing private property rights, acknowledging ownership, never trying to get advantages through state power. Historically and to this day we see these rules among others have never been followed by all within the marketplace. As a result we see gigantic accumulations of wealth and capital in few hands, along with vast differences in income. Capitalism is just as unstable as socialism.

Here’s an idea (not mine originally, merely sharing): let the free market eat the rich.

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I read an account, I forget of which country, Greece perhaps, where a US official reportedly told the president of that nation “**** your constitution” when trying to keep leftists out of power after an election. So the rule of law is important to the US, except when it’s not advantageous to our interests.

There’s actually an interesting argument or theory about socialism working. It’s called the economic calculation problem.

It’s pretty interesting. According to the theory socialism can’t work, period. It’s more in depth of course but the link above explains it well.

I’ve seen attempted answers to it but never a satisfactory (to me) one.

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More stopping arguing and supporting each other.

More “healing” from the same people who several days ago called for healing.

Implicitly calling 60 plus million Americans racist.


More leftist “healing” (wishing Senator McConnell were dead). . . .

News Anchor Suspended for Asking Why 2020 Took Alex Trebek Instead of Mitch McConnell

. . . Ted Perry, WITI’s head anchor for its 5:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. broadcasts, was suspended by the station for writing a Facebook post on his personal page in the aftermath of Trebek’s death from pancreatic cancer at age 80, the New York Post reported. . . .


"The news about Donald Trump, Jr. (having corona virus) prompted jubilation among elite celebrities"

More stopping arguing and supporting each other.

More “healing” from the same leftist people who a couple weeks ago called for healing. . . .

Hollywood Celebrities Attack Donald Trump Jr. over His COVID-19 Diagnosis: ‘You #$%&*# Idiot’ ‘Poor Covid’

VALERIE MACON/AFP via Getty Images/Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP

VALERIE MACON/AFP via Getty Images/Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP


21 Nov 2020

Left-wing Hollywood stars are celebrating Donald Trump Jr.’s reported COVID-19 diagnosis, calling it a “pleasant surprise” and wishing that the coronavirus gets well soon.

Celebrities including Bette Midler, Jimmy Kimmel, Ron Perlman, and George Takei piled on with insults and snark after news broke late Friday that President Donald Trump’s eldest son tested positive for the coronavirus. . . .

. . . The news about Donald Trump, Jr. prompted jubilation among elite celebrities who rushed to mock the first son on social media.

ABC’s late night host Jimmy Kimmel, who recently interviewed former President Barack Obama, quipped that “I guess his father finally hugged him.” . . .

. . . comedian Randy Rainbow posted, “Get well soon, Covid-19.”. . .

. . . Grammy Award-winning singer Diane Warren and actress Kristen Johnson also expressed sympathy for the coronavirus. . . .
. . . Some celebrities including George Takei and Ron Perlman made references to cocaine in their insults. . .

. . . Comedian Mike Birbiglia tweeted and then deleted “Don junior tests negative for having a soul.” . . .

Another example of “Healing” and “support for one another” from the leftists (re-post of gleefully re-hitting Trumps while they are down) . . . .

(Hat tip to @F_Marturana for “pulling back the puppet curtain” here.)

How does an ideal free market society look like?

Will it look like a lot of small to medium businesses competing freely, very little to no barriers in people setting up their own business?

No monopolies like Walmart or Amazon pushing out other businesses?

Do business get to lobby the government to put in laws that will favor them, like the military industrial complex and the wars that make them profitable?

Would it have been better if the question involved Nancy Pelosi instead?

Sarcelle on a leftist death-wishing against Mitch McConnell. . . .

Would it have been better if the question involved Nancy Pelosi instead?

Why would you think that? Why would it be? Hopefully you are not death-wishing against Nancy Pelosi are you??

Why would you think I would wish death on anyone?

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Sarcelle . . .

Why would you think I would wish death on anyone?

I wouldn’t.

But you were the one that brought it up pertaining to CAF readers. And since you can only speak for yourself you left me wondering.

Here is your statement again (which you directed at . . . me) . . .

Would it have been better if the question involved Nancy Pelosi instead?

But the question did not involve Nancy Pelosi and I have no idea WHY you think others (specifically “me” who you asked that question of) would think such a thing??

Why would you think anyone else here (much less me) on CAF would wish death on anyone?

The question wasn’t aimed at you personally.

I was wondering if the news anchor would be in just the same amount of trouble if he substituted Nancy Pelosi instead of Mitch McConnell.

A conversion of hearts is needed, but what in the last four years has led you to believe that this is going to happen now that roles may be reversed for many in the populace?

Many on the left despised Trump, what he represented, and how he carried himself, and they let that be known repeatedly, justifying almost any action against him or those associated with him by saying he deserved it because he isn’t a good person.

I have to go against my instinct to not want to return the favor over the next four years, and I am only able to reign that in (I hope) because I am the one responsible for my eternal soul; Neither Joe Biden nor Donald Trump will be a cause of my own sins. But without a Catholic or Christian outlook and sense of charity, what you get is the last four years. I am not so naïve to think that outside of our little Catholic niche bubble, there are tens of millions of people looking for payback and who are ready to unfairly scrutinize every step Biden takes. His major advantage is the media will overlook the things they would not overlook with Trump.

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Many on the right too, not to mention plenty in the middle. He seemed like his own worst enemy. He didn’t need the left to do himself in. He managed it all by himself.

Once elected he had the chance to put aside all his campaign nonsense and rise to the dignity of his office. Alas he did not rise to the occasion, and you now have the mess you’re in.


You make it seem like so many, yet 72 million voted for him. I do not think it is the amount of people who despise the man as much as it is the level of animus on a per person basis he engenders. Likewise, the passion from those who support seems to be much higher than your average Republican.

And it is absolving those who give into their hate far too much to lay the blame on Trump. His treatment by the media, the myriad of hoaxes, the treatment of his second USSC nominee, the constant misquoting of him to brand him a racist, a show-impeachment based on nothing, and on and on. If anyone involved in those thinks they can stand before God and somehow blame Trump for their sins, they have another thing coming.


Bold mine.

Fair enough. It was directed at me though so you can see why I considered that.

Bold mine.

Good question Sarcelle.

Much more trouble. They cannot do that against Democrats without serious repercussions.

It happens all the time against Republicans though.

This Mitch McConnell public death-wish is exhibit A.

More “healing” from the leftists . . . .

Published 1 hour ago

Never Trumper Rick Wilson demands humiliation, incarceration for top Republicans who backed Trump

Critics call the screed ‘chilling’

By David Rutz | Fox News

Daily Beast editor-at-large Rick Wilson called for “humiliation” and even “incarceration” for President Trump’s Republican supporters in an expletive-ridden column Sunday.

“Remember, the Trump GOP is shorn of all ideological and philosophical pretense, and even when Trump leaves office, it’s not over,” Wilson wrote. “His cultists’ reign of terror will shape elected GOP members as long as he and his foul spawn walk the earth unpunished. Only exposure, pain, humiliation, and (inshallah) incarceration will lead to a moment of reckoning for the GOP. It should start at the top and work down from there.” . . .

. . . . Wilson added a “hearty #%# no” to people calling for reconciliation with Trump backers after the election, and he wondered whether Republican media members who supported Trump in spite of his flaws would consider “seppuku,” a Japanese ritual suicide. . . .


To the readers here. Remember these threats against people they don’t agree with politically.

This kind of reaction from some on the left concerning an election they didn’t even win! (Imagine how bad the persecution would be if these guys had the POWER they want??)

Iowan Dr. Mariannette Miller-Meeks Wins Recount in 2nd District – 14th Pick-up for GOP on Trump Coattails — More Proof of Biden Fraud

By Jim Hoft
Published November 30, 2020 at 1:58pm

. . . Nancy Pelosi was predicted to pick up 5-15 congressional seats this year according to FOX News and liberal pollsters.
Instead, Republicans flipped 14 seats so far thanks to President Trump’s historic landslide on Election night… . . .

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