Can we stop Asian meat industries for animal cruelty on eating dogs?


Can we stop the Asian meat industries for animal cruelty on eating dogs? It’s one thing to eat dogs but it’s another thing to cut off their legs,boil them, skin them while they are still alive. And I think they do this to make the meat taste better (because they are adrenaline soaked). I don’t know know how they can do this while the dog is crying, whimpering, and whining.

Please prayer this prayer with the intention to stop animal cruelty especially in Asian dog meat industries.


I join you in your prayer.


I saw a video years ago some one had filmed in an Asian market…the dogs had their back legs broken so they could be hung up on display for customers…there are many countries that culturally don’t put the same values on life…whether human or animal…as western… Christian countries do… at the same time there is plenty of cruelty in our own country and we call ourselves Christians


Watching these videos are so painful to watch.

Warning: This video is graphical, viewer discretion is advised
Dogged Skinned Alive

I couldn’t finish watching this video and cuddled with my dog afterwards.


Well the other side of that is the extreme of many who treat animals as if they are human. One needs to keep perspective…someone’s pet might be somebody else’s food.


If I’m not mistaken, they could then come after the Western world for our love of beef and the ways cows are raised just to provide meat for us. Though granted, I think our slaughtering of animals is less offensive, but then again, I can’t say for sure since I don’t work in the ag business or in a processing plant in America.


Hmmm. A Dog Meat Festival :thinking: It could only happen in China…

Apparently people have been eating dogs for awhile. It wouldn’t be my first choice, then again, who am I to judge how people in other countries procure their food :man_shrugging:t2:


The way some cows are forced to live is little better than what is being described. Most Americans and other westerners are just blissfully unaware of where their food came from.


How about the San-nakji in South Korea? They serve the live baby octopus and people crunch it with their teeth while alive. Creepy and cruel I’d say.


It seems to me that there are obvious differences between cows and dogs. There are some animals that are raised in herds for food and other animals in poverty stricken countries that are killed and eaten because people are starving and because they don’t have a consciousness of respect for living things.

That said, no animal should be tortured to death for any reason. Humane practices should be observed when dealing with animals whether they are for food or some other purpose.


There is no comparison. Pampering an animal can be foolish, but is not even remotely close to evil of torturing an animal.


Sorry, cannot resist.
Obama, “Dog eater”


Does anyone remember this crisis in Malaysia? Dogs being dumped on random islands to die…?


Dogs seem to be special compared to other animals in terms of companionship. They are intelligent and good at reading people’s language, emotion, gestures and face expressions. Pet dogs are also very loyal and some would give their life for you.


You can start by donating to Asian Animal Welfare Organizations.


The meat industry is pretty horrific in most countries. I think we need to get our own factory farms and abbartoirs in order and then we can guide other cultures how to move forward.


Why’s it any more cruel to eat a dog than a pig?


Certainly make your voice heard in regard to cruelty. But as to what we eat…

People keep dogs, horses, rabbits, guinea pigs etc as pets but I’ve had no problem in eating any of them. Tip: if you are raising animals for food, don’t give them names.


I’ve raised cattle, even bottle fed a few calves. No force on earth could stop me eating delicious beef.

They certainly deserve to be treated properly while under human care, but I don’t see any inherent problem with eating any animal.


Do you know that’s why dogs are eaten? Or is that part of their culture?

Also, it seems a little authoritarian of us to judge another country, especially one that is fighting poverty on much more extreme levels than we have here.

When it comes to animal cruelty, I’ll waste time on it after we stop aggregous human rights violations first, such as the obvious one, abortion.

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