Can we stop Asian meat industries for animal cruelty on eating dogs?


I know I have donated to many rescues, including Humane Society International and In Defense of Animals. I have not read much of this particular thread because it upsets me. I am aware of the fact that hurting and killing animals for food is not an easy fact to know about, and if I had the means I would be sending people over to the Asian places to save these dogs and cats. I wish I could do that.

I had expounded on this horrible cruelty once on this forum and was suspended for a month. It became too graphic, I assume. But it doesn’t end there. Right here in this country horrible animal abuse takes place.



No, they are not, unless they are hot dogs (frankfarts.) Where did you get this from?


I’m a strict vegetarian and I completely agree. What’s next, Hindus forcing westerners to stop eating beef? To me, this reeks of cultural imperialism. (I mean no disrespect to the original poster)


Sometimes something can be moral or legal, but it just doesn’t seem right.


It’s from the Mel Gibson movie The Patriot.

And I can tell you, having eaten dog before, it is a fine meal.

I’ve also had mountain lion (closest to a cat) far too stringy. Didn’t care for it.


I just don’t think that meat industries should torture and cook animals alive for a better tasting meal.


Maybe after we stop them from aborting their children. Priorities.


Exactly who are these “meat industries”?
If you travel to China you would find that many places have their local butcher who kills the animals for the local market. I have personally seen chinese people living outside China capture, kill and consume: rats, cats and dogs. I remember an instance where in a gated community in South America, after a couple of houses were rented to chinese people all the cats and dogs started disappearing, many of the residents started viewing the new arrived with suspicion. After all not many believe in coincidences. Believe me no butcher was involved in the deed.
We should all agree that animals need to be treated with respect and if we do use them for food all the more. Unfortunately as other posters have noted many people are totally ignorant of where their food come from. I have heard people say they though that meat was produced by machinery in big factories. Pray that we all become better Christians and stop killing babies in the womb and each other then perhaps we will truly start behaving as GOD wants and respect all the Creation.


It is possible to care about two issues at the same time.


We only like animal cruelty when it’s cows, pigs, chickens, and fish.


The two stem from the same thing: Lack of respect for life.

Respecting life is what will solve both of these issues.


You ate a DOG? That is awful. And a mountain lion? I would starve first. That is why when I pass on I have made arrangements for my dogs ahead of time. I will leave a legacy for the people who take them.

If I hear of anyone hurting my dogs, I’ll come back and haunt them.


In my view,even if certain cultures eat dogs,there’s no justification for the cruel way they treat them while alive/prior to being killed.
While most of the activists pushing against this trade admittingly likely do so with sentimentality in mind (they in their view perceive the dog as loving pet),Catholics,including Chinese Catholics,should still support the end of this trade simply due to the cruel way the dogs are treated.

Also,while dogs may affect some people the most because of the cultural association/feeling they have towards them,there is also animal cruelty happening for other animals that Catholics should also stand against.
For example here in Australia there was recently video showing the cruel way that live export cattle were being treated :frowning:

I love dogs and cats but I definitely agree that some people have gone overboard and treat them as the same level of children.
It seems to me almost some ‘odd’ psychologically or due to perceiving society negatively-they seem to identify too strongly with the dog.

Regardless,animals should never be treated with cruelty or just as a ‘means to an end’ for humans.


Not well. Two things halfway done.


The life of a dog is not equal to the life of child.


That is not the point. The point is that both stem from a lack of respect for life, human and animal. If life as a whole is treated with more respect, both can be stopped.


Priorities. Human life. God raised humans infinitely above animals. We should respect his priorities and aportion our activities around His order and priority.



The way I see it, the underlying issue is lack of respect for life. Abortion and cruelty to animals are both symptoms of this underlying issue. You could fight abortion first, however why not fight the underlying issue and stop them both?


His Son chose to enter time as a human, thus elevating humans infinitely over animals.


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