Can We Study the Paranormal


I have a question. I know it is sinful to practice the occult, but where does does the lie with studying the paranormal? By paranormal, I mean the literal word, not often associated occult practices.
By paranormal, I simply mean “not the norm”. In other words, cryptozoology, UFOs, etc. These things do not deal with the occult butbrsther possible real life creatures. Are we as Catholics allowed to study these things?


It’s fine to study them either as a hobby or as a scholarly researcher.

Just don’t get obsessed with them, or let them lead you away from the faith.


I have no plans. These things simply fascinate me and I think they can be fun to study. If it weren’t for cryptozoology, there are a few animals today we never would have discovered.


Just remember, if aliens or Bigfoot or whatever do exist, they are simply a part of God’s creation that we are just now discovering.

God who can do all things can certainly create beings we currently know little or nothing about.


I am aware of that. For cryptozoology, these creatures are simply undiscovered and theorized possible animals, or possibly surviving supposed extinct animals.
As for UFOs, I don’t typically associate them with aliens but rather with what UFO literally stands for and often use the term to describe anything I can’t make out in the sky. As for aliens, I have a few theories on them as well.


Sounds like you have a sensible approach. Go for it.


I hope you find Nessie, the Chupacabra and the Jersey Devil.

Big Foot is a scrub.


I do and I try to explain it from a Catholic perspective.

There are lines I won’t cross like speaking to the dead and asking questions while trying to capture a EVP.

I won’t go to a haunted house and do amateur ghost hunting or dabble with new age spirituality.

I am however willing to go to the Winchester Mystery House someday but that’s also a historical site.



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