Can we trust our feelings?


Many people can feel the presence of Christ in a variety of ways. At least we think
we can. But if it’s true, then why don’t the signs in Mark 16:17-18 follow us? At
least they don’t follow me.

Here is what it says:
Signs like these will accompany those who have professed their faith:

  1. they will use My name to expel demons
  2. they will speak entirely new languages
  3. they will be able to drink deadly poison without harm
  4. the sick upon whom they lay their hands will recover

I have never done any of these things, yet I say I have faith. I feel I have faith.
I think I have faith. I know I have faith. Don’t I? When I think about this, I wonder
if someday terrorists will poison our drinking water, and for a sign, God will cause
all believers not to be harmed.

I’d like to know if anyone of faith is accompanied by these signs in their life?


These signs aren’t suppose to apply to just any believer - at least I don’t think so because I don’t know of anyone who has experienced them. I don’t know the passage but I’m going to guess that it was directed at the apostles and disciples - those called to spread Christ’s message.


Those are not given to every believer put only to those who are sent on a special mission by God so that we may recognise His authority in them.

The saints all had such signs.

And no feelings cant be trusted, Faith is more than just feelings, Faith is to trust in God no matter how we feel.


What does it mean to trust in God? How does one “trust” in God… is that a feeling or not?

What is trust?

(Asking because I need clarity actually! Not trying to be difficult- though it might help the OP too to clairify, so my apologies to the OP if if it derails your original question.)



The saints write of how the Virgin Mary never worked any miraculous signs.

The Apostle Paul writes in the Epistles, “Do all cast out demons? Do all speak in tongues? Eagerly desire the greater gifts,” and he goes on to say that the greatest gift is love.

The Lord offers different people different graces, gifts and talents.


Trust is not a feeling, it is a concious decision to believe someone, in this case to believe God.


Think of your work environment, or of today’s business world at large. Think of the culture that surrounds you like the air you breathe, its unspoken assumptions, its taken-for-granted priorities, its taboos and not-even-ignored issues, its subtle pressures.
Have you ever thought it’s a wonder ANYONE survives that spiritually? It is a wonder. Yet we’re still here, still seeking, still soldiering on, still plying St. Therese’s trade of working with the small things the big world ignores, turning them to good the best we can.
Maybe that is part of what Christ was talking about when He spoke of handling serpents and drinjing poison without harm.


Far from derailing, I think it only clarifies my question more. I am not convinced
that you can trust anyone without a feeling of trust. I am also not convinced about
the idea that these signs are meant only for the apostles and saints. We must
all spread His word, as many as who believe.

I agree with the one who said the greatest sign is love. Still, are these other signs


Well said!


You can feel God in your heart. You can trust Him


Feelings can change, don’t trust them.
Trust in God, who cannot change.


I still feel some confused,anywany thanks for sharing


I think it’s best not to trust our feelings… there is a lot that God gives us to guide us in the right way, such as the Church :slight_smile:

feelings can be so contradictory… I’ve experienced this myself. And the devil can lead us astray by feelings.

Trust in God is not so much a feeling as a choice… sometimes it is easy, other times it is difficult, but we must still choose trust Him…

God bless


Wow such a poinant question, to which a simple answer.
Believing is the beginning. Knowing and **living true **to one’s self is the way. The Bible is given to us as a guide to help direct us through life by presenting the past experiences of the ages.
Trust is a very dangerous word and yet it can be a simple act if done with the purest of intentions.
We all have the abilities to achieve one or all of signs of faith. But we have to truly believe. Any doubt and we hinder the power of the faith within us.


AnneElizabeth, Your question is very valid. First I must ask you this question and if you can answer it correctly you will have your answer to your question.

How do you (AnneElizabeth) know there’s a GOD?

When you can truthfully answer this you will have your answer to your original question.


My dear friend

It is a general statement for the body of Christ, us. We all share the one living Holy Spirit of God but experience different gifts from the one Spirit. W need to be open to the Holy Spirit to receive His gifts, fruits and charisms.

God bless you:thumbsup::slight_smile:



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