Can we vacation with adulterous family members?

Here is the issue: we have several “couples” in our families who are in invalid marriages, and one couple is about to contract an invalid marriage. This latest one is my huband’s brother who had a valid 1st marriage, was civilly divorced, and now is planning on getting remarried in a couple of months.

My husband has already informed his brother that because he is still married in God’s eyes, we cannot support this second marriage. We (nor our children) will not be participating in the wedding at all (although have not yet decided whether we will attend, ie. if brother-in-law still wants us and in order to keep the lines of communication open; We’ve seen other posts in this forum on this issue and understand that we can use our prudential judgment re: merely attending the wedding…)

In any event, my in-laws 50th wedding anniversary is coming up before the end of the year. To celebrate, even before brother-in-law even had gotten engaged, in-laws made plans to rent a big house for a family vacation with separate bedrooms for all of us… but now, the brother-in-law will be bringing his 2nd wife with whom he is committing adultery. [Similarly, husband’s aunt (his mom’s sister) was previously validly married, and has been in a 2nd invalid marriage for 25 years now who will also be there celebrating her sister’s anniversary.]

Is it licit for us to vacation together with these folks at the behest of husband’s parents? It is not as if we’re going to visit them overnight at their house, or inviting them to our house to stay over together. We are cognizant we must be charitable and civil to them at any family holiday dinners, etc, but this dimension of living in a home with them in their illicit state, even just for a week’s vacation, concerns us. We have 3 children 10, 12, & 14 who are well aware of what the Church teaches and have been told why they can’t be in their uncle’s 2nd wedding…

May God bless you for your advice!


These links should be helpful for deciding if you want to stay in a vacation home with a cohabitating couple whose wedding is not recognized by the Church. If you have any further questions or concerns that are not answered by these links, please contact Catholic Answers directly.

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