Can women be ordained as deacons?


It is my understanding that women cannot be priests because the priest acts in the person of Jesus Christ during the Mass and Jesus was a man. My question is can a women be ordained a deacon since deacons can not lead a Mass? If not, why.


Women cannot be ordained deacons because deacons receive the sacrament of holy orders, a sacrament women cannot validly receive. Deacons receive this sacrament in a lesser degree than priests or bishops, but they do receive it and therefore potential candidates must be capable of receiving it. As a side note, deacons do not preside at Mass; but they do read the Gospel and are allowed to preach at Mass, functions that are considered to be apostolic, in a certain sense. Since deacons share, in some manner, in the apostolic ministry, it is fitting that they be men as were the apostles Jesus chose.

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