Can Women wear pants?

As I recall myself last night that st Padre Pio is opposed to women wearing pants. Once he refused to give a women absolution because she sell women’s trousers. I also know that when he is asked why he shut confessional door to someone, he said "Don’t you know?” “what pain it costs me to shut the door on anyone? The Lord has forced me to do so…I am His useless tool.” Which can indicate that it is The Lord that ordered him to not give absolution to the women who sell pants .
My question is if women wearing pants is so inappropriate that a saint refused to give anyone who sell and wear them absolution. Then why the church do not prohibited women wearing pants? As a person who prefer trousers than skirts I don’t quite understand this ?

There are multiple threads in this forum addressing this topic. I would suggest using the search function


Questions like these makes Catholicism seem ridiculous the the majority of the population.

OP I’m pretty confident our loving God is a little more concerned with alternative problems than those ‘pant wearing women’.


i know it’s just a surprise to me when i read that story about st padre pio and start to wonder…anyway thank you for replying to my question ^^

If one of the most respected thinkers in Catholic history and a declared saint like Thomas Aquinas can explicitly reject the Immaculate Conception, which was later declared a dogma, I think we can accept the possibility of a saint erring on a non-dogmatic issue.


Yes women can wear pants. They put their feet in and pull them up.:grinning:
But seriously, the churches in the Vatican allow women to wear pants so yes they may.


I suspect St. Gianna Beretta Molla told St. Padre Pio to stop being such an old fuddy duddy.


I can see why there are counter arguments to the OP’s worry, but I don’t see why you flagged her thread. She said herself she is one who prefers trousers so she is puzzled. Why flag her?
Part of faith is patience even if this means discussing the same topic all over again. Love is all patient, St. Paul said. If we do not love each other, how can we love others, strangers to us?


Considering that St. Pio is a saint, he is now with God, enjoying the beatific vision and thinking, “how foolish I was to deny the sacraments to someone!”

There are many things that are attributed to Saint Pio of Pietrelcina and Not All Of Them Are True.

Please Provide A Credible Source


There’s a great deal of folklore out about Padre Pio. I’d take anything with a grain of salt.

He wouldn’t have been able to reveal what happened in confession anyway. So him refusing absolutions to a woman in trousers would be second hand knowledge.

Maybe the woman was not repentant. And then said it was due to the pants.

An Italian performer went to Padre Pio to ask him if he would be accepted into university . He said Padre Pio told him, him “how should I know, I’m not a fortune teller!”


You have to remember that canonization means that the Church has determined that the person led a holy life. NOT that their personal opinions are infallible.
You should be very skeptical of this story, anyway. St. Pio, revealing what happened in the confessional? I don’t see that happening.


It likely wasn’t the OP herself who was being flagged, but the thread, since this question has been asked before and the discussion rarely stays civil or edifying.



Can I ask what does “OP” mean ?

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Original Poster. It’s used to refer to the person who started a thread. In this case, you.


I was thinking the same thing, almost. The only person other than God who knew about this, was the woman herself. So she is the only one who spoke of this, Padre Pio couldn’t. So there may have been a misunderstanding or additional information we don’t know.


Thank you for clarifying this ^^

It doesnt make Catholicism ridiculous to everyone else, it makes questions like these ridiculous to Catholicism. And ultimately it is trying to judge others and make oneself seem holy.


A nice looser fitting (NOT skin tight) pair of slacks on a lady looks very dressy with the right modest blouse. But if they are skin tight, see through, or ripped or torn then NO they shouldn’t be worn by women. But that can go for skirts as well as also if their length is too short.

I wouldn’t mind wearing dresses every day but then that means also a slip and in south Louisiana another layer in this heat and humidity can be very uncomfortable.

Men, too, should not wear “skin tight, see through, or ripped or torn pants,” of course.

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