Can/ would God judge the living?


In the creed, we say “to come and judge the living and the dead”. Is there any theology on the idea that a living man is judged before death, perhaps years before death? Is this error of calvinism? thanks, Tim


Tim, I believe “to come and judge the living” is in reference to the Second Coming when those alive at that time will be judged, not to a judgment of the living before THAT Time.


I agree on that point. “He will come again in glory…” as the creed goes. Any 4th century heresies at some council where the Bishops got into a fistfight or anything? Thanks, Tim


“Can God . . .?”

Any question framed as such can usually be answered with a definitive ‘Yes’, since one of God’s attributes is ‘all-powerful.’


The living and the dead are those who are saved (alive in Christ, living, redeemed) and those who are damned (dead to Christ, dying, reprobates).


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