Can y'all do me one favor?


If you are reading this post, would you PLEASE stop for a minute or 2 and say an “Our Father”, a “Hail Mary”, a “Glory Be” and an “Oh My Jesus” for all priests, religious brothers and sisters, deacons, seminarians, missionaries, our Pope, bishops, cardinals and all those studying for and preparing for the priesthood and the religious life. I’d GREATLY appreciate it. Thank you and God Bless.


Nice sentiment. Done.



Thank You StephieNorthCo


Done. Added characters for required length.


Okie. Already did


Prayers said.



Done …:slightly_smiling_face:


Praying with all for all.


Done,thank you and God bless.


Done. Prayers said for your intentions


Prayer as requested.
God bless you


My organization’s Cooperators, and those involved in our emerging charism’s vocational ministry, make this a lifestyle. So, yes, I am on board with you on this.

Mrs Cloisters OP
Lay Dominican


THANK YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH! I greatly appreciate it. We have to pray for them or we can’t expect more priests and religious to serve Our Lord.


For everyone in the religious life and those about to enter and dedicate their lives to serving God we all our praying …What a beautiful gesture, thank you and God Bless you.:butterfly::butterfly::butterfly:.


Done! God bless!:heartbeat:


This is a personal “mission” for me to pray for an increase in devout religious vocations and all those who already serve in the Catholic Church. We need them badly and if we don’t pray for them and YES encourage then in our parishes we won’t get them.


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