Can you answer some questions on exorcism?

I’d like to start by clarifying that I am not sure where the best section to post this question might be. So, I apologize if I am posting in the wrong place. Also, I am not here to debate this topic. I am not looking for a sound information and not opinions.

If a demon attaches itself to a young child:

…does the child need to be a willing participant for the exorcism to work? (remember, demons pose as angels of light)

…does the child need to be asleep during the exorcism so he is not aware of what is going on?

…is it posible that once the demon has been bound another can attach itself requiring repeat exorcisms in young children who are the most innocent and vulnerable?

Thank you for your assistance. - Ginger


First of all, for an evil spirit to attach itself to a child is quite rare—unless the parents are dabbling in the occult or such around the child. An evil spirit cannot do any damage to a person’s soul from without—none.

The success of an exorcism does not require the child to be awake, nor does the child have to be a willing participant.

Whether or not another spirit is likely to take the place of the one just exorcised will depend on the atmosphere in which the child is living. If the adults around the child persist in the pursuit of the kind of behavior that makes them vulnerable to such attachments, the child could be in danger again.

People who receive the sacraments regularly have nothing to fear. Such evil visitations are the result of being invited by inappropriate curiosity and co-operation with evil.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P

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