Can you automatically receive redemption/damnation?

Scripture and visionaries have mentioned certain deeds that can acquire one salvation or damnation. For instance, according to a visionary, Jesus said that praying the Divine Chaplet of Mercy could get one into Heaven. He also promised that anyone who receives Penance and Eucharist regularly would do the same thing. According to scripture, those who get a vasectomy will not be saved. My question also refers to scapulars, and how wearing one at death would save you. Are there actually “shortcuts” to Heaven and Hell?

Dear Spy,

There are NO shortcuts. No matter what the sin, IF the person is properly disposed, i.e., is truly repentant, the person will be forgiven.

On the other hand, every promise made by our Lord, our Blessed Mother, or any of the other saints in private revelation presupposes that the person be properly disposed, i.e., truly repentant for his or her sins and truly desirous of the benefits promised.

Wearing the scapular at one’s death gives evidence of one’s devotion to our Blessed Mother and her Divine Son. It’s not magic. There is a context here.

Anyone who receives the sacraments of Penance and Holy Communion regularly is likely to go the heaven even without the Divine Mercy Chaplet. However, that devotion does foster such a trust in the Lord’s mercy that one is inclined to pray and receive the sacraments more frequently than one might have otherwise.

Love is not a matter of technique. The one who loves, isn’t looking for short cuts or how to get the most from the beloved.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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