Can you be Baptized on your death bed without knowledge of it and it still get to heaven?


My grandfather is dying and is in a coma. He has never said that he believes that Jesus died for his sins or anything like that, but the last few years of his life, you could tell that he had changed. He was all the time reading his Bible and reading little devotional books, etc. My grandmother is Catholic and she had the priest Baptize him after he was in a coma. He is probably going to die in the next couple days. Will he be in heaven?? I have been so worried about this to the point I am sick…Please help with this question so I can KNOW for sure!!! God bless you.


I honestly dont know…but apart from willful disbelief I think all Baptisms are efficacious. I believe it would fall into the same category of those with mental illness, Im pretty sure Baptism is efficacious for them.


My gut feeling is that it would be effective, wiping away all of his sins and allowing him to go to heaven.

I’ll be praying for your grandfather and your family during this difficult time.


An adult must at least indicate to family or friends that they are considering Baptism and believe in Christ, to be licitly Baptized.


If you can get to this link on divine mercy, click on the category called chaplet and read what Jesus said to Sister Faustina. I urge you to pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet in the presence of your dying grandfather (even though he’s in a coma). Try to obtain an image of Jesus as the Divine Mercy also.

Above all, trust in His Mercy. God is so awesome! He wants your grandfather’s salvation as much as you do!

Bless you and your family. I will be praying for you all at this difficult time.


I think that those changes in his behavior would be a good indicator that he was on track. Only God knows for sure, but I would tend to fall back on His mercy and love and expect to meet your Grandpa in paradise someday.


You may be mistaken. Maybe what your gradmother had the Priest do is another sacrament altogether. For the sick.

Why not ask her if he was baptised. Catholics accept other christian baptisms if they are validly done.

Annointing of the Sick is most likely what happened here.

In any event, I am sorry to hear about the situation and extend prayers to you and your family at this time.


If your grandmother did get the priest to baptize your grandfather, I’m sure she did it because she knew that baptism was his desire. And anyway, if your grandfather truly desired to be baptized, he would have the Baptism of Desire. So it’s more a belt and suspenders situation than anything iffy.

But yes, the sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick is, like Baptism, efficacious for removing all sin (among other graces). So either way, I’d say your grandfather is totally covered.

So relax, trust your grandmother and the priest, and trust the Divine Mercy.


You may be right. My mom told me thats what she had done but she would really know anyway (she’s Baptist, but I wouldnt know either really, I’m a new Catholic in RCIA :smiley: ) Thanks for all of your time and prayers. God bless.


An elderly person would not be able to recieve Baptism without consent. What happened was the Sacrament of Extreme Unction or what is now called “Annointing of the sick.”

All you can do is PRAY FOR HIM. Do acts of penance for him, have masses said for him, PRAY AND PRAY for his soul.

Do not worry to the point of getting sick over the salvation of your grandfather. Just pray for him. Pray by his side as he is dying. I did this at my stepfather’s side just before he died. Pray the chaplet of Divine Mercy at his side and prayers in the St. Joseph Novena as I did.

All you can do is pray for his soul.



I did the same thing for my mother in 1998. A priest baptized my mother in coma at her hospital bed. When the priest of my parish visited my mother, I asked him if he could baptize her. The priest happened to have a bottle of holy water in his pocket. He said usually he would bring oil to visit patients. But that day while visiting a nursing home, an old lady gave him a bottle of holy water and told him, “You may need to use it later.” So the priest baptized my mother with that holy water.

My mother did not understand about Catholic faith too much. But she did say one time that “I would want to believe what you believe.”

For your grandfather, I think he has a heart for the faith; otherwise he wouldn’t read Bible and devotional books. Relax, be at peace.
If your grandmother have a priest baptized him, all his original sins and sins before baptism are all forgiven, if he does not wake up from the coma, he will directly go to heaven.

I understand how you feel. My mother in law was in coma and just passed away this morning. I understand the anxiety you are currently feeling. Trust in God, God is always in control.
When you are at your grandfather’s bed side, pray Chaplet of Divine Mercy for him. You can also read comforting Bible verses to him, such as Psalm 23. People in coma can still hear though they appear to know nothing. So, by all means, talk to him, pray for him by his side. God bless!


A bold statement. Let’s see the support for it.


What about to be validly baptized? It’s whether the baptism is valid and efficacious that will determine his fate, not the licitness of the act.


Which are very useful to a dying person, and should be prayed often as an act of mercy.

There once was a Pope in Rome who was surrounded by many sins. The Lord God struck him with a fatal illness. When he saw that he was dying, he summoned Cardinals, Bishops and learned persons and said to them: “My dear friends! What comfort can you give me now that I must die, and when I deserve eternal damnation for my sins?” No one answered him. One of them, a pious curate named John, said: “Father, why do you doubt the Mercy of God?” The Pope replied: “What comfort can you give me now that I must die and fear that I’ll be damned for my sins?” John replied: “I’ll read these prayers over you; I hope you’ll be comforted and that you will obtain Mercy from God.” The Pope was unable to say more. The curate and all those present knelt and said an Our Father, then the following Prayers:

  1. Prayer
    Lord Jesus Christ! Thou Son of God and Son of the Virgin Mary, God and Man, Thou who in fear sweated blood for us on the Mount of Olives in order to bring peace, and to offer Thy Most Holy Death to God Thy Heavenly Father for the salvation of this dying person…
    If it be, however, that by his sins, he merits eternal damnation, then may it be deflected from him. This, O Eternal Father through Our Lord Jesus Christ, Thy Dear Son, Who liveth and reigneth in union with The Holy Spirit now and forever. Amen

  2. Prayer
    Lord Jesus Christ! Thou Who meekly died on the trunk of the Cross for us, submitting Thy Will completely to Thy Heavenly Father in order to bring peace and to offer Thy Most Holy Death to Thy Heavenly Father in order to free… (this person) …and to hide from him what he has earned with his sins; grant this O Eternal Father! Through Our Lord Jesus Thy Son, Who liveth and reigneth with Thee in union with the Holy Spirit now and forever. Amen.

  3. Prayer
    Lord Jesus Christ! Thou Who remained silent to speak through the mouths of the Prophets: I have drawn Thee to me through Eternal Love, which Love drew Thee from Heaven into the body of the Virgin, which Love drew Thee from the body of the Virgin into the valley of this needful world, which Love kept Thee 33 years in this world, and as a sign of Great Love, Thou hast given Thy Holy Body as True Food and Thy Holy Blood as True Drink, as a sign of Great Love, Thou hast consented to be condemned to death, and hast consented to die and to be buried and truly risen, and appeared to Thy Holy Mother and all Thy Apostles and the hearts of all who hope and believe in Thee. Through Thy Sign of Eternal Love, open Heaven today and take this dying person …and all his sins into the Realm of Thy Heavenly Father, that he may reign with Thee now and forever. Amen.

Meanwhile, the pope died. The curate persevered to the third hour, then the Pope appeared to him in body and comforting him; his countenance as brilliant as the sun, his clothes as white as snow, and he said: "My dear brother! Whereas I was supposed to be a child of damnation I’ve become a child of happiness. As you recited the first Prayer, many of my sins fell from me as rain from Heaven, and as you recited the second Prayer, I was purified, as a goldsmith purifies gold in a hot fire. I was still purified as you recited the third Prayer. Then I saw Heaven open and the Lord Jesus standing on the Right Hand of God the Father, Who said to me: “Come, all thy sins are forgiven thee, you’ll be and remain in the Realm of My Father forever. Amen!”

With these words, my soul separated from my body and the Angels of God led it to Eternal Joy.

As the curate heard this he said: “O Holy Father! I can’t tell these things to anyone, for they won’t believe me.” Then the Pope said: “Truly I tell thee, the Angel of God stands with me and has written the prayers in letters of gold for the consolement of all sinners. If a person had committed all the sins in the world, but that the three Prayers shall have been read (over him) at his end (death), all his sins will be forgiven him, even though his soul was supposed to suffer until the Last Judgement, it will be redeemed (freed).”

The person who hears them read, he won’t die an unhappy death, also in whose house they shall be read. Therefore, take these prayers and carry them into St. Peter’s Basilica and lay them in the Chapel named the Assumption of Mary, for certain consolation. The person who will be near death, who reads them or hears them read, gains 400 years indulgence for the days he was supposed to suffer in Purgatory because of his guilt. Also, who reads this Prayer or hears it read, the hour of his death shall be revealed to him. Amen!


That’s why I didn’t make any comment on the validity. I can’t do that, The only comment I could make is that validity could be questioned if he as an adult clearly stated consistently that he did not believe in God, or Christ and did not want to ever be Baptized.


" What happened was the Sacrament of Extreme Unction or what is now called “Annointing of the sick.”"

How do you know this?

Also if a person is not Baptized they cannot effectively receive any other Sacraments.


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