Can you become a religious if

your husband or wife gives you permission?

i read this in another thread and i was wondering if it’s true:

“Whether or not you should become a monk you will find out… the fact that you are married does not mean it is not God’s will for you, married couples can by agreement allow one another to enter into religious orders, it is not unheard of.”


I know that it has been done, at least pre-Vatican II. Saint Maximilian Kolbe’s mother went to a convent when her husband gave her permission. He also tried to join an order, but it did not work out and he remained affiliated with the order as a layman.

thank you Monika :slight_smile:

Not under the current Code of Canon Law:

Can. 643 §1. The following are admitted to the novitiate invalidly:

1/ one who has not yet completed seventeen years of age;

2/ a spouse, while the marriage continues to exist;


Thank you OraLabora. I appreciate that…

Hi there,
good question… just to clear St. Max’s story up a bit.
His mother did “enter,” but she did not take vows and become a religious technically speaking. His father did the same, but left to fight in the resistance. It is generally thought that he was executed. St. Maximilian’s mother wanted to be a religious before she was married, but under the Russians it was not possible. Besides, she was poor. Once her children were grown (and all of them entered religious life), she proceeded with her “dream.”

thanks jcooke, I appreciate that :slight_smile:

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