Can you BELIEVE this Inquisition video?


It claims that 50,000,000 people were killed in the inquisition! It’s in the comments, though, that it really gets ridiculous.

In them, we’re told that the Catholic Church is planning another inquisition in the United States, that the Church used to kill anyone who read the Bible, and that the Pope is going to establish “one world government” before 2010.

I’ve never seen anything like this! Can anyone point to a reliable article on the inquisition? Maybe I could post there to counter this bizarre, twisted history.


Don’t sweat it. A video like that discredits itself.


Well, let’s wait until 2010 if their prediction comes true; if it doesn’t, I want to get my money back. :rolleyes:

Actually, it was not ‘the Inquisition’ per se, but ‘the Inquisitions’; there were various Inquisitions that happened in different places and times.

Some say the death toll was 250,000, more or less.

Here’s anarticle:


If the Church killed anyone who read the Bible, I guess albino assassins were sent to kill Priests celebrating the Mass, Monks reciting the Divine Office, and literate laity who read parts of Scripture (or an abridged version). I guess the Church arrested anyone who watched/participated in Mystery and Passion Plays, demolished Churches with Biblical stories depicted on its windows or walls, threatened Monks who wrote copies of the Bible in scriptoriums, and never allowed any depiction of Biblical figures and stories since the illiterate would get a gist of parts of the Bible if they ever saw them. :rolleyes:


I don’t think they had video back then.



*]Mao Zedong 1923–1976 77,000,000
*]Joseph Stalin 1929–1953 43,000,000
*]Adolf Hitler 1933–1945 21,000,000
*]Kublai Khan 1252–1279 19,000,000
*]Chiang Kai-shek 1921–1948 10,000,000
*]Qing Dynasty, 1859-1864, 12,000,000
*]U.S.S.R. 1917–1987 61,911,000
*]By Mongols 14th–15th Century 29,927,000

Anti-Catholic pamphleteers and historians have grossly exaggerated the numbers, asserting that millions died at the stake. The actual numbers are far less, 3,000 to 5,000 during the Inquisition’s 350 year history as stated in the 1994 BBC/A&E special program, "The Myth of the Spanish Inquisition… though these fiery deaths were quite real and regrettable, they pale in comparison to the 100,000 witches burned to the stake in Protestant Germany, and the 30,000 in Britain over the same centuries… and of course with the modern atrocities of the real millions killed by Hitler and Stalin in a few years…

Oliver Cromwell was deemed a moderate because he massacred only Catholics and Anglicans, not other Protestants. This Puritan general commanded Bible-carrying soldiers, whom he roused to religious fervor. After decimating an Anglican army, Cromwell said, “God made them as stubble to our swords.” He demanded the beheading of the defeated King Charles I, and made himself the holy dictator of England during the 1650s. When his army crushed the hated Irish Catholics, he ordered the execution of the surrendered defenders of Drogheda and their priests, calling it “a righteous judgment of God upon these barbarous wretches.”

Ukrainian Bogdan Chmielnicki was a Cossack Cromwell. He wore the banner of Eastern Orthodoxy in a holy war against Jews and Polish Catholics. More than 100,000 were killed in this 17th-century bloodbath, and the Ukraine was split away from Poland to become part of the Orthodox Russian empire.

When Puritans settled in Massachusetts in the 1600s, they created a religious police state where doctrinal deviation could lead to flogging, pillorying, hanging, cutting off ears, or boring through the tongue with a hot iron. Preaching Quaker beliefs was a capital offense. Four stubborn Quakers defied this law and were hanged. In the 1690s fear of witches seized the colony. Twenty alleged witches were killed and 150 others imprisoned.

Church in Colonial America A long history of anti-Catholicism

The Penal Age: 1645-1763
Evidence of this anti-Catholic attitude can be found in laws passed by colonial legislatures, sermons preached by colonial ministers, and various books and pamphlets published in the colonies or imported from England. For example, even though no Catholic was known to have lived in Massachusetts Bay in the first 20 years or more of the colony’s life, this did not deter the Puritan government from enacting an anti-priest law in May of 1647, which threatened with death “all and every Jesuit, seminary priest, missionary or other spiritual or ecclesiastical person made or ordained by any authority, power or jurisdiction, derived, challenged or pretended, from the Pope or See of Rome.”

When Georgia, the thirteenth colony, was brought into being in 1732 by a charter granted by King George II, its guarantee of religious freedom followed the fixed pattern: full religious freedom was promised to all future settlers of the colony “except papists,” that is Catholics.

Even Rhode Island, famous for its supposed policy of religious toleration, inserted an anti-Catholic statute imposing civil restrictions on Catholics in the colony’s first published code of laws in 1719. Not until 1783 was the act revoked.


I looked at how long the movie was when it began. It was about an hour and I said to myself, “Not worth it”, and closed the tab. I will hardly ever take the time to read such stuff that was made by a totaly and complete fool on that subject of history.

God speed



The film classified the Albigensians as “Bible Believing” Christians :rotfl:


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