Can you bless an item by every religion


Hey can I get an item blessed by every religion also if I had a circle forged in the holy land made out of silver and got it blessed by every religion would it be the most holy iteam


If you’re Catholic, why would you want anyone from another religion to bless an item?


In case any other religion was right besides Christians


Welcome to the forum. Just get it blessed by your priest. It will be holy enough for God.




Gotta collect em’ all.

Once your task is complete you will be able to summon Captain Planet.


And God spoke all these words, saying,
“I am the LORD your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of slavery.
You shall have no other gods before me."

There is only one God and the true Church he founded. Do not be deluded otherwise.


The notion that all religions lead to God is bogus. Only one religion is correct. I believe the Catholic Church is the true Faith founded by Jesus Christ the Son of God so I will only get it blessed by a Priest.


You don’t need a “blessed item”, you need some actual faith.

I don’t think you should have a blessed Catholic item, to be honest. Blessed Catholic items are for helping Catholics to practice their faith and pray. They are not for people to collect blessings from multiple religions like you are catching Pokemon.

Unless and until you believe in the truth of the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, you have no business owning a blessed Catholic item.


The Saint Benedict medal is what you seek. It is of the two most powerful sacramentals and with the intercession (of Saint Benedict), dark forces such as witchcraft cannot come against you. As he is the Patron Saint against these evils. This medal when blessed properly is the equivalent of protection against evils from all religions.


Either a religion is true or it is not true. If it is not true then blessings by its priests are useless.
If it is true then you don’t need blessings by any other religion’s priests
A genuine blessed item is not magic in any case. You don’t get more power by having it blessed many times.
Edit: and as Tis Bearself just pointed out it’s not going to help if you try to use it like it was magic.

You need to decide for yourself which religion you believe is true.
Then seek a blessing.


A blessed Catholic medal isn’t going to protect someone who doesn’t have the underlying faith in Catholicism. ’
The medal isn’t a lucky charm or a magical amulet.
It’s a symbol and reminder of a person’s faith.


I would suspect the desire to have something blessed by “every religion” indicates a belief that you can control God if you say and do the right things, even if you don’t believe them. Blessings are not magic spells that work if you just say the right words. If God loves you and you are doing your best to serve Him faithfully, do you imagine that He will not hear your prayers if you fail to say exactly the right thing? Do you suppose that if you express the right beliefs, God will be persuaded to do your bidding because you did so, even if you contradicted yourself by professing numerous contradictory beliefs? Do you see God as a gullible fool who will do your bidding if He hears you say the right words, regardless of how you have contradicted those words elsewhere?

I believe God wants you to pursue an honest relationship with Him, not to simply express the right words at some point. Be authentic in your prayers and trust that God loves you enough to answer them or refrain from answering them if you would be better served.


I’ll go with tis on this one. It is not a magic amulet. If you would consider it so, you might consider it getting it “blessed” by every religion except Catholic. And, no, it would not be a holy item.


If you’re not convinced that Catholicism is true, then don’t seek a Catholic blessing. The same goes for any other religion. If you aren’t convinced that that religion is true, don’t ask its clerics to bless an item for you- and especially don’t ask them to bless one that you’re having a cleric from every other religion “blessing”.


Anything right about any other religion other than Christianity would be the recognized in Christianity.


While not an amulet, the concept of indulgences and graces combined with underlying faith of the protection being effective may be the closest thing of which they are trying to locate. I’m treating the question as if faith is there and they are not able to think of what they are being guided to. In such a position I would hope for a redirect in the St Benedict Medal


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