Can you bring young children into the confessional with you?

I have a 2yo son. Is it OK to bring him into the confessional with me if there is no one I know who can watch him while I’m in the confessional?

I have before. It didn’t seem to be a problem with my priest. Now if he were older and could understand and repeat what he heard, then that might be another story. :wink:

Depends on what you are confessing. . .

Milimac: I would got with the experience of a mother, Maryalene, and what I infered, if the baby cannot talk, doesn’t understand and you’re kind of stuck without any one to watch the baby, then it should be alright. Also, as she said, the priest didn’t seem to have a problem with it and if there was a problem I’m sure the good priest would have said something.

Also, I think Jim brought out a good point. Depends on what you were confessing. If you were going to the Sacrament and you knew that what you needed to discuss with the priest was something that could take time, then I think prudence would dictate that it wouldn’t be wise to go in with a baby (chances are it would be like answering the phone - and we all know waht babies and little ones - and spouces for that matter -do when you try to talk on the phone!)

I sense a service opportunity for teens here! To have a young person to mind the little ones during confession hours would be a good thing, indeed.

Or you could just hand him back to the next person in the confessional line!

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