Can you celebrate a Catholic DL in an Orthodox church?

What the title says.

What is a “DL”?

It’s forum shorthand for “Divine Liturgy”

If you aren’t able to attend Sunday Mass in a Catholic Church, the Catholic Church says you are allowed to attend DL (and receive Communion) in an Orthodox Church. That being said, the Orthodox probably won’t allow you, if they know you’re Catholic.

On the other hand, we allow Orthodox to attend Catholic Mass (and receive Communion) in similar circumstances.

Sorry, I don’t mean attend an Orthodox DL

Can an Eastern Catholic priest celebrate Divine Liturgy in an Orthodox Parish for Catholics? Lets say there is no Eastern Catholic parish in the area and they are doing a special DL. Or if its a small town, can an Orthodox and Catholic parish share the same building and each say a separate Mass, one for Orthodox and one for Catholic?

It has been permitted from time to time. It was common in the Soviet Ukraine…

I see. I was just wondering because in the Philippines there is a Greek Orthodox church but no Eastern Catholic churches. So I was wondering that if I have an Eastern Catholic priest with me, can he celebrate the Divine Liturgy in the Orthodox church.

It would be far easier to set up a portable iconostas (4 icons set on chairs or easels in the right spots will do) in a Roman parish than to get the Orthodox hierarch’s permission.

I see. Thanks!

The Ukrainian Mission that my college roommate belonged to and which I frequently attended with him met at the local Catholic high school. The arrangement was done with the permission of both the Ukrainian Eparch and the Latin Bishop, the latter of whom had jurisdiction over the school.


Are you suggesting that the priest would be just passing through? … or is he staying there a while?

I am sure that, as Aramis has pointed out, a Latin parish would accommodate, with the permission of the bishop. Of course it probably could not interfere with the normal Mass schedule, it might be late in the day or late on Saturday.

However, if this was going to be a mission of some permanence, the Local Latin Ordinary is responsible for the care of Eastern Catholics in areas where there are no eparchies in place. If he knows of no Eastern Catholic flowers in his garden it is unlikely that he will want to grow any.

On another note: Eastern Orthodox churches (I think Oriental Orthodox as well) traditionally do not have more than one DL on an altar on any given day, unless there are extraordinary circumstances. Now that is not generally true of some Eastern Catholic parishes, many in the USA will schedule two Masses on a Sunday, or even three. But that is not very common in Orthodox parishes, and when it is allowed (such as when two parishes share a building) there is often more than one altar.

So it might work out like this: if the Orthodox did allow an Eastern Catholic priest to borrow the church building, he would still need to seek permission from the Latin bishop (since there are no EC bishops) which just might be refused … and there would probably have to be a separate altar rigged up, per Orthodox practices and the Orthodox bishop, not the pastor, would have to give permission for that.

Can I come up with hypothetical scenarios instead of praying?

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