Can you clear this up?

This from a friend. I’m am confused:

*Here’s my confusion Peter (Simon) was known as Simon of Jonah or Peter of Jonah, and history tells us that in those times there were no last names, Jesus was known or distinquished from others named Jesus, by his father, Jesus of Joseph, or by his village Jesus of Nazareth. This holds true for Peter (Simon).
And there was another Disciple named Simon, so was that Simon, Simon Barjone, or is Barjone (all one word) a misspelling, (Bar I think means son of), whom Jesus spoke to about foundation of the rock? I had researched a town, city, village for Barjone and could not find one. Of course this was prior to finding the vision site.

And Peter (Simon) came from a different city close to the sea of Galilee. I have not found any other scriptures where Jesus calls Peter, Simon Barjone, I’m curious about so many things re biblical history………
See what I mean by the bible/torah needs a rewrite. *

Any help would be appreciated.

It’s not Barjone. It’s Simon bar Jonah-- which means Simon son of Jonah. Simon bar Jonah and Simon Peter are the same person.

I don’t know why that confused me, but it did. Thanks.

It is believed that S. Peter came from Capharnaum, on the Sea of Galilee.

The town is now extinct, but in its archaeological ruins lie the foundations of a house associated with him.

A wooden boat unearthed in the 1980s off the shore was claimed to be “Saint Peter’s boat.” It cannot be proven to be his, but is the correct age.



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