Can you determine when people are lying and telling you what you want to hear?


Can you determine when people are lying and telling you want you want to hear?


It depends what your observation skills are like,if you get some natural intuition too.


Yes. I am good at reading people☺


Moms are the best at finding out if you are lying. But some people have better observational skills than other folks as Greenfields noted.


More difficult, but not impossible to do over the internet. Live? I agree, most mothers KNOW when offspring are lying.

I do not always detect lies, but have a pretty good BS detector.


My sister and I had fun travelling…she was soo gullible!:slight_smile: I would notice things like not being looked in the eyes,posture,too wide a smile ,while she nodded and agreed…As well as dress,false tears (watch out for those with crocodile leather shoes :wink: )


Why is this in Apologetics?


If they’re running for office and their lips are moving, they’re probably lying.


Sad but true…


:lying_face:…are you sure about that?


Hmmm. There are multiple paths I could take with that question.

  1. Which part?
  2. I wish I were more certain I was sure.
  3. The only things we are sure about are death and taxes. And with the advances in medical science…


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