Can you do what Jesus Does?


What are your limitations through Jesus Christ? Do you have any limitations through Jesus Christ?


My limitations through Jesus Christ are chosen and set by Jesus Christ.


what does he say you can do? he wrote what we can do.


I can do all things in Christ, who is my all in all. But I do not presume to claim anything for myself, or to **boast **of anything except my own weakness.


nicely said.
what are “all” things in Christ?


weakness is only in the mind and flesh but you are Spirit first,so the true you which is spirit is not weak because God and jesus are not weak.


shrugs I don’t want to paint the Lord into a corner by saying He hasn’t given me an ability, so I’ll just say that the number of miracles that I have not yet performed is rather astronomical.


AWESOME ANSWER!!!:thumbsup:


I did this topic just to see how many people say that they have no power through Jesus.I wanted to hear how many people deny their heritage,their blessings.
Thanks for your answer,it is an honest answer!


Jesus stated in at least one Gospel that his followers would be able to do all that he had done and to do even greater things. When one thinks about this and accepts that our current civilization is based on the times in which most of the world followed him, then the accomplishments of spreading His Kingdom, the wonders of science, medicine, and the ability to feed the world are truly among some of the greater things. The sad part is that while we do great things we also screw up badly at the same time. Wars, famine, abortion, etc. being the works of Satan.


Well, not long ago, I would have said that I have no power through Jesus, although I probably wouldn’t have said it, cuz the OP had that distinctive “flavour” about it. But now I realize that although my gifts may not be spectacularly visible, they are there, and there is a real possibility that Jesus may give me more gifts in the future.


Actually he didn’t write what we should do. He preached to people what they should do.


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