Can you enter into the sacrament of matrimony when in a state of mortal sin?


If an unmarried man and woman have had pre marital sex can they marry without confessing that sin?

Not a question of if they should, just wondering if that sacrament can be administered when not in a state of grace.


I don’t think so. I could be wrong, but I believe the only sacrament that you may not receive when in a state of mortal sin is the Eucharist.

Also I don’t think pre-marital sex is a mortal sin. I know you didn’t say it was, but I’m just saying this so someone could correct me if I’m wrong. :wink::+1:t2:


You can’t receive sacraments in a state of mortal sin except maybe Extreme Unctions under extreme circumstances like when one is unconscious and dying or maybe there isn’t time for a confession. I think you receive the Eucharist in extreme circumstances too but there is a bunch of rules that you should find out for sure on the matter. Other Sacraments received in a state of mortal sin are sacriledges.


An unrepented state of mortal sin does not invalidate any of the sacraments except confession.


I thought confession was the remedy for a state of mortal sin, assuming contrition on the part of the peninent.


It’s grave matter. Combined with full knowledge and consent it is a mortal sin.


You are correct. I’ll amend my post.


I make the assumption that both man and woman are Catholic. The Sacrament would be valid; however neither would receive the grace form the Sacrament. Following confession and absolution, that grace would come flooding in.

And, yes sex outside of marriage is a mortal sin. it is grave matter. Full knowledge and deliberate consent depends on the person at the time.


I personally believe it is if done with full knowledge


I’d assume the state of sin wouldn’t matter because if a catholic marries a non catholic that person would not be able to take confession.


If both are Catholic and don’t confess this before their Sacrament of Matrimony then it’s not a good start for their marriage.


Pre-marital sex is just another form of fornication.


YEA they can marry but they don’t receive the graces they would have if they were in a state of grace. The marriage is valid, but the couple should go to confession asap to restore grace to their marriage. It’s so important that they confess and be in a state of grace for the Sacrament, tell your engaged friends. All this per Servant of God Fr.John Hardon


And what in the case when one party isn’t catholic? Do they never receive that grace even if the one who is catholic confesses?


The Catholic Church recommends every Catholic who is about to receive the Sacraments of Confirmation, Matrimony, Holy orders or entering into religious life to make a good confession before they receive the Sacrament.


It wouldn’t be invalid, but wouldn’t it still be sacrilegious? Like being confirmed when in the state of mortal sin, it’s valid but not (yet) fruitful… although I was always under the impression that it’s also gravely sinful to receive a sacrament of the living in the state of mortal sin.

The act of pre-marital sex meets the “grave matter” condition for mortal sin, so it is gravely sinful in itself and a mortal sin if the other conditions are met.

“2396 Among the sins gravely contrary to chastity are masturbation, fornication, pornography, and homosexual practices.” (Not an exhaustive list.)


If both are baptized and the marriages is valid, it’s a sacramental marriage and they received graces of the Sacrament


I don’t know if it’s a sacrilege, not sure, although if done purposely it would seem so.


Formication is a grave sin and from what I understand is Church dogma so it must be believed.


Sacramental grace (for the sacraments of the living) requires a valid sacrament and a state of grace on the recipient’s part. An individual’s reception of sacramental grace would not depend on the state of his/her spouse’s soul.

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