Can you find me a list of popes from Peter to Benedict XVI?


I’ve searched our databases for about two hours now. I have found several related topics, however, I can not find a complete list of names and dates of all the Popes from Peter to BenedictXVI.

 It is very important to me to have this information as I have invited my fellow brothers in Christ into my home to study scriptures and come to a better understanding of the word of God. These perticular gentlemen are of the Mormon religion and are attempting to teach lies. They claim that representatives of our early church have "corrupted the principles of the gospel and made unauthorized changes in our church organization and church ordinances" Due to the fact that there was a break in the authority of Christ given to Peter which lead to "widespread wickedness and as a result the Lord withdrew the authority of the priesthood on Earth untill it was reconfirmed in their Prophet Joseph Smith."

 I've been troubled by their claims for some time and while they don't listen to reason they have not directly contradicted the Holy scripture (even while that does not seem possible). 

 Please assist me in any way possible to provide any information which I can ensure them that they are proposing unsubstantiated and speculatory claims.

                            Thank you for you time and energy,
                                        Matthew D. Lynch Sr.

 P.S. I've read and passed on to them the information that I got from the letter in your archive concerning the debate between our church and the leaders from their church (which to the most part they were unresponsive to)


Dear Matthew,

The original Catholic Encyclopedia on line has the information you need:

**List of Popes

** Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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