Can you get a gift for someone already in their noviciate?

I know on instinct the answer would be no, but hear me out. A friend of mine entered a convent a few months ago. If you have read past posts of mine, you might know a bit more about the friend, but I consider that irrelevant here. I want it to go well for her and so I thought I would send a gift. Obviously, it would be to the convent itself and she could not know it is from me, as she is not allowed property or, from what little I understand, contact with the outside world. What I would be sending is a book (in the interest of full disclosure, a graphic novel), which I know she loves and is even allegorical to Christ. I'm assuming the convent has a bookshelf somewhere where it would go and stay even if she did not, but I believe that for the time being, it would help her cope with the solitude of being in a novitiate, which knowing her, would be her biggest struggle.

Is this a reasonable thing to do? Donate it anonymously? Ask the mother superior's permission? Don't do at all? I have little knowledge of convent etiquette, for lack of a better term, so I thought it would be prudent to ask.

You could always send it to her with a kind note assuring her of your prayers. I don't know the background of this relationship, but that seems entirely appropriate. Then she would give it to the superior who would either deem it appropriate for the library or not. She might need permission to actually read it right now, especially being in initial formation. The solitude of the novitiate serves it's purpose- and that is a deeper bonding to Christ and a fuller realization of our need for grace. Even just sending a note of encouragement might be enough, but if you want to send the book that would be okay. You don't need permission to send a book. She just might need permission to read it.

Also, often sisters can receive mail. (Sometimes only on Sundays, or not during particular seasons like Advent or Lent. It varies from community to community.)

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