Can you give me some information on Our Lady of Fatima?

I am a team member preparing for an upcoming Catholic retreat. One of my assignments is to speak directly to the team about Our Lady of Fatima, and ultimately will provide similar information to those attending the retreat. The only information I have seen on Our Lady of Fatima was pulled directly from the internet. There was also something about her on a Catholic radio program I listen to but I admittedly missed most of it. However, it left me with an impression that the Church may not view this form of our Lady as legitimate. I had not given it much more thought until I received this assignment. Can you provide me with information regarding Our Lady of Fatima, or a reliable source where I can obtain accurate information? The level of information that will be provided to the audience is meant to inform and inspire - but obviously needs to be accurate according to Church authority.

Thank you so much!


The Church approved the apparitions of Our Lady at Fatima several years ago. More recently it has beatified two of the three children who saw Our Lady. The third child lived into her nineties and was present for the beatification. So your impression is incorrect. I suggest that you purchase the book: “The Shepherds of Fatima” by M. Fernando Silva (Pauline Books and Media).

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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