Can you give me some information on same-sex attractions and priesthood?

I have had a strong pull toward the priesthood these last 9 months. It’s gotten to the point where my spiritual director turned me over to talk to my local vocations director and they both agree that I have a genuine call to enter seminary school. My heart desires greatly that it’s God’s will that I am called to the priesthood.

Here is my problem. I have had issues with same sex attractions in my past. While I have moved on from these and lived a chaste life for a long time now, I’m still concerned with a discussion I’ve had. From a priest it was said that those with deep seeded homosexual tendencies can not become priests. I don’t identify with “deep seeded” at ALL. I never lived the lifestyle or declared myself “out” ever. I honestly feel I have moved on from my past and despise my old desires. I am masculine and not effeminate in the least bit so it’s not as if my idiosyncrasies would reveal any of those old tendencies.

Can you clear this up?

Dear friend,

This is something you need to share with the vocation director of the diocese or religious order you wish to join. It is possible that they could consider that such tendencies were of the past and fleeting in nature. I honestly don’t know. I suggest that you pray and then approach the director. If the Lord is calling you to be a priest, it will happen. I will remember you at the altar tomorrow.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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